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Case 44: Efficacy of fifty millesimal potency in a case of Diabetes Mellitus
Dr Aloke K R Ghosh

Abstract: A female diabetic patient of 40 years came to me for treatment at the OPD of NIH on 18-05-02 and the brief study of the case is given below. This case was treated after repertorization through 'Hompath software' following Kent's method of Repertorization. The case study will show the efficacy fifty-millesimal potency (LM Potency) in Diabetes Mellitus.

Case Discussion
Presenting Complaints

Burning of upper and lower extremities since a year, aching pain both knee joints for last one month, which aggravates early morning and after rising from sleep.

Past History: Appendectomy 18 years back, Chicken Pox, Recurrent attack of scabies, Pinworm infestation in childhood.

Family History: FA: Suffering from blood sugar, eczema (dry type). MO: Liver cancer (died at 65 years). DA: Suffering from bleeding per rectum (piles).

Appetite: Increased at 10-11am, can't tolerate hunger.
Thirst: Profuse thirst, 3-4L/day.
Tongue: Large, dry, cracked, tongue.
Desire: Sour++, sweet++, meat, fish, warm food, milk.
Aversion: Pepper, salt+. Intolerance- pepper.
Stool: Liquid stool in early morning.
Urine: Frequent urination at night (5-6times).
Perspiration: Profuse offensive sweat on chest and back.
Sleep And Dreams: Refreshing sleep. General tendencies tendency to delayed healing.

Mind: Sympathetic, mild, gentle, emotional, easily weeping tendency, desires company.

Totality of Symptoms
Good appetite at 10-11am, can't tolerate hunger.
Desire for sweet, warm food, sour.
Early morning desire for stool.
Tendency to delayed wound healing.
Great weakness.
P/H of repeated attack of scabies.
Predominantly Psoric.

Miasmatic Diagnosis: Predominantly Psora.

Nosological Diagnosis: Patient is suffering from type-II Diabetes Mellitus. Blood Sugar Report PPBS 400mg% on 16-05-02.

Repertorization: Repertorization done through Hompath Software following Kent's Method of Repertorization where Sulphur was highest.

Sulphur LM1. 16 doses to be taken alternate day on empty stomach early morning.
Advice: Proper diet control and regular exercise.

19-07-02: Blood sugar PP 360 mg%.
Better1 than before. Burning of extremities slightly less. Frequent micturation >1. Patient's bowel habit, sleep slightly better. Generalities better. Sulphur LM3.
27-09-02: Blood sugar PP 344 mg%.
Patient is still better than before. Burning of extremities less. Frequency of micturation slightly less. Generalities better.
Sulphur LM5. 16 doses to be taken every alternate day on empty stomach early morning.

24-10-02: Blood sugar PPBS 258-mg%.
Patient is feeling well. Burning of extremities, Frequency of micturation much less than before. Patient's bowel habit, sleep better. Generalities better.
Sulphur LM7. 16 doses to be taken every alternate day on empty stomach early morning.
16-12-02: Blood sugar report PPBS 154 mg% and Glycosylated Haemoglobin shows good control. Patient is felling well in every respect. Burning of extremities much less. Patient's bowel habit, sleeps etc are well. Generalities also better. Patient's blood sugar level decreased significantly. Sulphur LM9. 16 doses to be taken every alternate day on empty stomach early morning.

This case proves the efficacy of fifty-millesimal potency (LM Potency) in Diabetes Mellitus. If we judiciously apply this method there will be no more aggravation with rapid improvement of the patient following Hahnemannian principle as stated in Organon of Medicine.

Case: 45
Remedy: Staph, Carbo-veg, Lyco
Diagnosis: Reflux oesophagitis, Dysthymia, Hyperthyroid, PCOD


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