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Case 6: The sneezing affects my concentration
Dr Sushma
'All-c / Lyco / Carc

RM 16 yrs came to our clinic on 12th Aug 2005.

Chief Complaint
Respiratory Tract:
Attacks started since 1996. But they increased between 2000-2005 1/month and since a month OD.
Sneezing 8/Day. Nose block+. < AM on waking up (6.30-8 am), < Change of weather, < HS.

Patient As A Person
Height: 5'3''. Fair, normal built and short.
Hair: Dandruff+.
Teeth: Cavities ++, Four fillings done.
Eyes: Wears specs since 2002. Lt: 1.25, Rt: 1.75.
Perspiration: On back, abdomen.
Digestion: Normal.
Appetite: Normal
Thirst: 4-5 glasses/day
Craving: Butter3, Cheese3, chicken3, choclate3, cold-drink3, spicy3, salty things3, sweets3, milk1.
Aversion: Green peas3, karela, brinjal3, eggs3.
Stool: 1/d. Satisfactory.
Urine: Normal.
Developmental History: Talking late at the age of one.
Sleep: Normal. Refreshing. Sleeps on either side.
Dreams: Normal.
Thermal: C2H3.

Past History: Chicken pox, rhinitis, Circumcision done.
Family History: DM: MGrMo, HT: PGrFa, Asthma: GrFa, GrPGMo.

Life Situation and Mental State 1989: Born on 23rd July in Delhi. Father worked as int eh Indian government.
1989-92: Stayed in Delhi
1992-93: Stayed in Holland
1993-02: Stayed in Delhi
2005: Secured 91.6% In Tenth Std.

Father: Economist, calm, strict, intellectual.
Mother: Dancer, performs Bharat Natyam, stubborn, never changes her mind, affectionate, short tempered, very emotional.
Sister: 19 years old. Doing her under graduation in US since 2002. Never fights with patient. He loves her very much and when sister is around he is a different person, otherwise quiet. And hardly talks except if asked to have an intellectual discussion.

Artistic: Plays tabla, has even given stage performances.
Quiet. Reserved. Does not show his affection easily. Talk excessively if the discussion is on intellectual topic. Always thinks before talking, takes his time and then answers questions. Answers in monosyllables.
FEARS of heights, water.

No anxiety. Always prepared for his exams. Strong willed.
Perfectionist3. Was more so in childhood. Plans, never does anything spontaneously. < Company.
Has joined a NGO a year back that works for street children, in vacation he is involved with this, twice a week. Very soon would be joining International college in Pune, subjects taken are English, philosophy, history, Hindi, physics and maths.

Totality Of Symptoms
Answers in monosyllables.
Fears of heights
Fear of water.
Perfectionist3 Plans
< Company.
Cavities ++
Perspiration: On back, abdomen.
Thirst less
Change of weather
Craving: Butter3, Cheese3, chicken3, choclate3, cold-drink3, spicy3, salty things3, sweets3, milk1.
Aversion: Green peas3, karela, brinjal3, eggs3.
Sneezing < AM on waking up ( 6.30-8 am )
Nose block < HS.

Plan Of Treatment
Allium-cepa Constitutional: Lyc Intercurrent: Carc

Treatment And Follow-Up
Date Symptoms Remedy
12/08/05 Attacks are there everyday. So no acute required. He goes off to college next day. Lyc 200 1 Dose 1st Week Carc 1M 1 dose 2nd Week Allium-cepa 200 SOS kept with her for sneezing
28/08/05 Reported on Telephone that had a severe bout of sneezing once was > in 4 Days with Allium-cepa 200. SL for a month.
29/09/05 Had two attacks of sneezing was better with SOS. SL for a month.
Dec 05 report Has kept well since. Last 2-3 mths. SL

Case: 7
Remedy: Ars-alb / Tub-b
Diagnosis: Ulcerative Colitis, Hypertension, Hairfall, backache


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