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Case 7: Fever Eclipsed his Ulcerative Colitis
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Ars-a / Tub-b

Editor: This case is under our care for just 7 weeks, but has shown such a response with single dose that we wanted to share it with you. He is still under treatment and we will ct to give you monthly FU. But there is no doubt about the response, so we have put the case up, to take you through the cure with us.

Introduction: In early December 05, a morning walk allopathic friend asked if I cold help with a very ill ulcerative colitis suffering from 3 yrs and very acutely since 3 months. He had to be seen at home. She has known the patient and his family for 30 years. He was suffering since many years; he had seen every gastroenterologist in the city, with no relief. He was very weak, had lost 20 kg of weight and not in a position to come to the clinic. So along with my assistant I visited the patient at his residence on 5/12/05.

How we took the History:
His brother greeted us at the door, then his sister, then his mother, took us to the drawing room. As we sat, the 35 years old: Mr SS, walked slowly. Tall, fair, thin and haggard, as if suffering from a long standing illness.

This was a Muslim family: Mother, 2 Brothers, 1 sister. Father had expired long back. Patient was the youngest. We sat surrounded by the whole family each of who gave the history in detail. If he answered a query they would fit in the data to its precision. Definitely a close knit family but too unusually overanxious and concerned for each other.

I took the chief complaint and all the necessary data, which also took 1.5 hours and left my assistant to complete the case, since the regular clinic too had to be attended too!. No trace of her for 2 hrs.

Here is her experience: each question was answered by all of them. (She justified her coming late by saying that she took five cases!!) This practice had made them all perfectionist. They all knew how many motions he passed each day and with how much quantity of blood!!! They seemed to her like a five headed snake with there fangs open to answer any question. They would counter question each question of hers. We wondered how we are going to treat this diseased family!!

Chief Complaint 1) Ulcerative colitis since Aug 2003
Present Complaints
Tenesmus, Gurgling Abdomen, > Stool after
Stools: Consistency mucus, sticky with bubbles, fresh blood clots.
Interestingly the day he fell sick, he was to go to see a girl for marriage proposal. Incidentally, none of the elder brother or sister are married. A whole family of spinsters. So was it the idea of marriage terrifying?

2003 May: Giddiness. Diagnosed: Hypertension.
2003 July: Dysentery.
2003 August: Colonoscopy: Ulcerative colitis. Biopsy confirmed.
2003 December: Blood Sugar 380. ESR 88. Hairfall3. Baldness.
2004 DM and hypertension in control with lifestyle changes. Some relief with Unani medicine.

He had been having fever since 2005 but very acutely since a few days. Headache (Fever before) Temperature 100o F-101o F Bodyache, > eating after, > Bathing after, < After walking on sea face.

On 04/12/05: Fainted twice with eyes had rolled up. Temperature went upto 1010F in the afternoon, followed by profound weakness3, could not move, needed assistance, passed involuntary stool, perspiration3, was unconscious. He was pale and the lower extremities felt as if had no strength. Nausea with no taste in the mouth, Lips, mouth, throat was dry3. Blood Sugar Fasting was 96. Temperature came down with a paracetamol. And he felt better after was given water with sugar.
On 05/12/05: Temperature was 99.80F < 4pm. Similar episode.

3) Back
Pain lower back, HS3, gets up with a backache. Has to sleep lying straight on the back.

Patient As A Person
Height: 5'11". WEIGHT: 74 Kgs.
Skin: Itching3, dryness< stomach troubles from. Moles.
Hair: Loss3, graying, baldness on vertex. 1-2 gray hair on the chest.
Nails: Bites3
Eyes: Specs
Perspiration: Profuse3, Acrid3 holes in the under garments.
Flatulence: Cannot Pass
Appetite: Reduced. Could hardly eat meals.
Thirst: 10-15 glasses/day
Craving: Pan parag3, spicy3, potatoes3.
Stool: 5-6 or 7-8/d. Consistency: 1st Motion watery, blood+, Blood clotted. Burping3 < stool before, < stool during. Constipation alternates with diarrhoea.
Urine: Normal

Mother's Obstetric History: Normal.
Developmental History: Normal. Birth weight: 9 Lbs
Sleep: Light sleeper. Sleeps late in night and gets up late. Refreshing, though wakes up from sleep because of pain.
Dreams: Unremembered.
Thermal: Face flushes in Sun. AC < 3. > Direct draft. P/H Hot Now chilly.

Family History: Father died of liver cirrhosis.
Past History
1970: 7 months of age, he had fallen from bed. Brain hemorrhage right frontal side. Blood clot was operated. No troubles related to it after that.
1998: USG fatty liver.
2003: Sinusitis.

Life Situation and Mental State
1970: Born and brought up in Mumbai. Not very good in studies.

Emotional State
Now Irritable3 with the complaints.
Talks excessive3, loud3.
Pampered child; and very protected, since suffered brain hemorrhage and was operated, Doctors had advised not to force him or emphasis on him anything. Also being the youngest was Pampered3. Used to hate going to school. Always had an excuse ready to avoid school. Once flunked in the exams got only 16%! Father was called by the principal, and patient was laughing when scolded.
Over caring3. Affectionate3. Fear of dogs, of noise.
Very Anxious about his health. He continuously asked: How long will it take for me to recover? I will be alright? In how many days will I be alright?
(Rubric: Carried, wants to be).
Perfectionist3. Particular, cleanliness for. Washes hands3 all the time. > Company3.

Thinking And Analysis: : We took the ulcerative colitis, sever anxiety, tremendous weakness and nature ofsdisease and give him 1 dose of Ars-alb 200

Constitutional: Ars-alb
Intercurrent: Tub-b

Follow Up
Date Symptoms Treatment
05/12/05 Anxious. Carried wants to be. Ars-alb 200 1st Dose
05/12/05 Calls at 10 pm, to say that has fever and whether it was due to our medicine!  <, asked to take SL pills every 2 hrs.
07/12/05 On 5th after so many years, had one motion which was not loose, satisfactory3, and then he slept well. But rest of the week, stools were thrice a day, watery, with blood. Tenesmus+. Fever every day with a spike of 102. Followed by weakness, perspiration. Giddiness++. Headache better 50 %. SL
12/12/05 No fever. Stool 3/day, semisolid, with blood.On 10th had fever 99.6 with itching, weakness3, headache. That first 8 days we had tel calls everyday, then gradually only the 1/w follow up Ars-alb 200 2nd Dose
19/12/05 On18th was >3. Stool 2/day. 1 loose motion and one normal. SL
21/12/05 One episode of severe bleeding per rectum almost a glass. Felt chilly3 bodyaches, joint pains and trembling. But doctor it was only that once. I took Dr Maya's medicine- only 1 dose and I was fine. Now I do not feel weak. Other days I have been fine Ars-alb 200 3rd dose
23/12/05 For the first time patient visited the clinic. Weakness3. But overall he was feeling better. He looked handsome. Has started going for short walk 1-2/wk Tub-b 1M 1st Dose
24/12/05 Had a pain in right jaw. He had similar complain in 2002 ? Hering's Law? SL
30/12/05 >3. Hunger++. Weakness >20%. Easy satiety Heaviness abdomen Burping3, flatulence. Loose motions 2/day. Nausea 3/wk. Bleeding per rectum 2/wk. Normal motions: 2/wk. Weight: Increased 1 kgs.! But now I can eat doctor, if eel hungry. Can I eat omlette? SL
06/01/06 >3. No fever. Loose motions 2/day. On 2 occasions 4/day. Bleeding per rectum: 2/wk, small quantity. Nausea: 3/wk. Feels hungry and sleep is normal. Itching3 all over body < HS. 2 boils on scalp. Heaviness in abdomen+ but no pain. Burps++. He has started waling on the sea face full round- 4kms, a person who could not leave the house at all!
The brother still maintains the dairy of the day, but the pages covered per day have reduced.
13/01/06 Loose motions 1/d. 2nd motion is normal. Appetite (feels hungry) and sleep: Normal. No headache, fever, cramps, weakness, nausea, heaviness. Burps +. Itching >70%. Anxiety about health > 50%.Walks everyday for 1 hour. Weight: 75 +.  SL
20-1-06Week 7 of Hom Rx. Blood 1/wk. Only ½ TSF Doctor, not much, only 1 day. A person who was scared if had an extra stool, now tells me not to worry. I sweat a lot when I walk. My mother says not to walk so much. Is it alright doctor? I can eat a full omlette, when 3 weeks ago I could have a ¼ only. All thanks to you doctor and of course Dr Maya for sending us here, he says before he leaves. His brother hardly took out his dairy this time!! SL
The treatment is still continuing and we will keep you updated. We are waiting for the day when he comes alone without his brother and sister. Today we feel he can go back to work. But we are not pushing him and will wait to see when he thinks of it himself.  

Case: 8
Remedy: Nat-mur / Hep-sulph / Tub-b / Bell / Kali-bi / Rhus-tox / Lach / Thuja / Puls / Baryta-mur / Eup-per / Lyco / Phos
Diagnosis: Myopia, headache , Tonsillitis, Nocturnal enuresis, Lumbosacral. Backache


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