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Case 88: I do the Work Which Makes the God Happy

Reg No S/26/09
Mr DSB, 57 yrs, married Hindu, Vegetarian and Deputy Gen Manager in a Finance Company came on 07/03/09 with the following complaints:


Left Knee Joint
Since Sep’08
Finger, Joints L>R
Alternating sides
Ligament injury plus tear in meniscus OA. Stiffness RA Weakness Lack of grip in palm A/F injury on 05/01/09 by hitting the knee, medial aspect, against wood < Morning3+ < Waking upon3+ < 1st motion > Warm applications > Hot water bath
NECK: Left side Suddenly gets ‘caught’, must give a jerk to feel better
Since Sep’08
Tired feeling
> Bending
> Stretching backwards2+
SKIN: Hands, Legs, Joints and Waist
Since Aug’08
Red rash3+
< Evening
> Cold

BUILT: Stocky
DESIRES: Salty things3+, Bhelpuri,
Paanipuri, Chaat3+
THIRST: Increased. 2liters/day
PERSPIRATION: Palms and Soles

COLDNESS: Palms and Soles
BATH: Hot water
SEASON: Cannot tolerate winter,
likes summer
SLEEP: Good but disturbed due to dreams
DREAMS: Daily events

MIND:Sensitive, Weeps easily, Affectionate, Anxiety about health, Memory weak for immediate things, Indecisive3+

PAST HISTORY:1989 Bilateral Kidney Stone. Lithotripsy done

FAMILY HISTORY:FA: HTN died in 1991, MO: OA died in 1984, SIS: OA, Paralysis

LIFE SPACE INVESTIGATION The pt was born in Mumbai in 1952. During childhood his parents had to struggle a lot for financial matters. He was good academically and played cricket. He enrolled himself in a night school and college so that he can work too. He completed his Diploma in Engineering and topped the University. He had an arranged marriage in 1976 and he thoroughly enjoyed marriage. He has a son and a daughter. The son is a General Manager in Shipping Company while the D-I-L is a housewife. The pt had always been a religious person and had total faith in God. He will do things when he feels that it will make God happy. He is a very sensitive person, emotionally weak and cries easily. He has 3 more yrs to retire. Wants good health, so that he can do good things for the society. He wants to work for the poor, the orphans and the aged people. He always wanted to be a good man. He thinks about his complaints and cries. He had held a very important post in the firm and if he wanted he could have earned a lot of money by illegal means but he never did. He is a man of principles. (He cried during the interview for no reason). He was very attached with his Guruji who expired in 2005. He talks to him in his dreams to reduce his burden from his heart. He feels unfortunate.


  • Crying, telling her sickness when
  • Crying, trifles when
  • Indecisive
  • Conscientious, about trifles
  • Food, desires salty things
  • Hands, perspiration palms
  • Feet, perspiration offensive
  • Thirst, extreme

TREATMENT: Sil 200 4P 1 dose Stat, 3 SOS. NIH pills 200, 2-2-2-2/7days


14/03/09 >. Left knee stiffness L4. Back painL7, Hands numbL4. Weeping L0. Simultaneously doing Physiotherapy. NIH 200 3P NIH pills 200 3-3/7days
21/03/09 > 40%. Finger pain < night. Left hand index finger swelling3+, > Heat. Back pain and numb hands +. < While walking L0. Wears Hinged Knee Brace to reduce pressure on knee. Physiotherapy 3/week Sil 200 2P NIH 200 6P NIH pills 200 3-3/7days
28/03/09 Knee > with Physiotherapy. < Morning. 1st week Rhus-t 200 7P; 1P=2
2nd week Sil 200 3P HS
09/04/09 >. Pain >. Back pain and numbness of handsL0. Neck stiffness L0. BP>. Eczema+. 1st week Sil 200 7P HS 2nd week Thuj 200 1st dose
23/04/09 >. Pain was severe on 22/04/09. 1st week Sil 200 3P HS
2nd week Sil 200 1P
SOS Sil 200 4P; 1P=4
09/05/09 >3+. 1st week Thuj 200 2nd dose 2nd week Sil 200 1P
29/05/09 Pain changing its place. L5. Knee stiffness, neck stiffness, backache L7. < Morning and 1st motion 1st week Thuj 200, Sil 200
2nd week NIH 200 3P
11/06/09 Left shoulder pain today A/F exertion. 1st week Sil 200 7P
2nd week Thuj 200 4th dose
SOS Rhus-t 200 7P; 1P=3
29/08/09 >. Much better. Skin Red rash ++ > cold 1st week Puls 200 7P
2nd week Sul 30 1st dose
Aloe vera cream
17/09/09 20% better. Knee 40% better. 1st week NIH 200 3P
2nd week Sil 200 7P
22/10/09 Knee pains, cant climb stairs, feels weak 1st week Thuj 200 3P
2nd week NIH 200 3P
05/11/09 Skin better. Pain in arms < winter 1st week Rhus-t 200 7P HS
2nd week Sil 200 3P
20/11/09 Pt came feeling much better and wanted only SOS for his pain 1st week NIH 200 3P
2nd week NIH 200 3P
3rd week NIH 200 3P
SOS Rhus-t 200 7P HS

Case: 89 Doc! I am Allergic to Milk


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