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Case 9: The travails of diarrhoea in our own staff!
Dr Bhavini Shah
'Coloc / Podo

On 15th December both our compounders at both our clinics developed acute gastrointestinal tract infection.

Mrs KM on 14th Dec she had a headache at 5.30 pm, we gave her Bryonia 4 hourly on symptom totality. 7.30 pm: Vomited. Vomitus of food ingesta followed by water.

By 10.30pm: She had three loose motions and then onwards till 4.30am, had one loose motion, every half an hour.
She reported to the clinic on 15th at 9.30 am, and we gave her Ars-alb.

11 am: She vomited only once and had two diarrhoea. She was told to continue same 4hrly/ after every vomiting or diarrhoea. Diet: Oral rehydration therapy, increased and strict intake of liquids, semisolid diet.

5 pm: She had one vomit and 2 loose motions with severe cramps in the legs as well as in the intestines. During the cramps she could not stand, had to compulsorily sit and press the part hard which would ameliorate.

The cramps was due to water depletion and not adequate replacement. So, though Ars-alb was helping, the severity and the frequency of the disabling cramps continued. This called for another remedy to consolidate the action of Ars-alb.
So we repertorised taking three symptoms into consideration.

Quick Repertorisation
RM 0873 Cramps
RM 1417 Vomiting
RM 1272 Diarrhoea

Remedies On Repertorisation: Ant-t, Ars, Baryta-carb, Calc, Cina, Colocnth, Crotalus, Cupr, Ferr, Graph, Hyos, Iod, Kali-bi, Kali-sulph, Phos-acid, Phos, Phyt, Plumbum, Sec, Sil, Tarentula, Zinc.

We gave her Colocynth 30. Within 30 mins the cramps settled. She was asked to take it 4 hourly. But as luck would have it she forgot to take the medicines home!!! But it was not needed as there was no cramps, no vomiting, no diarrhoea She now strictly followed the restricted diet regime.
Till next day there was no recurrence. She reported to work with mild weakness.

And what happened to the other compounder?!!
The Other Side Of The Story....
On 15th morning she had telephoned to say she cannot come since she had vomiting and diarrhoea.

She took allopathic medicine. Again called in the evening to say that she will not be able to make it next day since she was not better and extremely prostrated. We could not help her since she did not come or send anyone to collect the medicines too, though she was not too far and she could have visited us like she would any other doctor. But probably her trust in Allopathy for acute was greater. She had to be put on intravenous fluids. She reported after 4 days, with the diarrhoea still continuing!!! Then we had to take charge-here Ars-alb did not help. She was having loose motions half hourly. Very yellow, tongue was dry. We gave her Podo 200 and she was better in 3 doses!!!

Case: 10
Remedy: Arnica / Rhus-t / Bry / Kali-iod
Diagnosis: Backache


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