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Case Study

Desire to Live Again
Dr Nayana A Shenoy

A 30 year old lady consulted me on 19.7.96 for her complaints of joint pains, pain in the nape alternated with pain in both wrist joints. 

Patient's History:
I used to get fever in school days and was treated wrongly for pneumonia. Then I took AKT. I developed a lot of weakness. I used to medicines without consulting the doctor. MY joint pains started after that about 7 years ago. I was not getting relief with pain killers so I stopped medicines. I actually felt like committing suicide. 

I went to a homoeopath. But there was no guarantee that I would get better. Today, I cannot do anything. I cannot give exams. I am handicapped without my hands. If this remains, God knows what will happen later. My dream is to be alone. My soul tells me not to believe in anybody. 

Doctor, I was in love with a person; that person turned out to be killing his time with me. He ditched me and my sister, after committing to my sister without my knowledge. I feel marriage is a commitment, I did not want to be ditched. Now I don't want to get married just for a partner. 

I My joint pains increased after he broke off. I loved him but he behaved in such a way! I felt cheated. We should do something. We are very down, but we should not show him! When I see a dream of him- he walks off. I feel rejected. I wouldn't have gone to their house, I would have stayed away. 

I knew he would not marry me. He is money minded and educated. No one was ready to accept me. You see I did not have an education. I felt very bad when he did such a thing with me. I lost all hopes. I don't want to burden my relatives. I have to face difficulties. I am the eldest and have to look after everyone. 

I was cool natured. Never knew the other side of life. I lost my mother at the age of 12 years and felt very lonely. Relatives were there, but not much affection. This person came into my life and went away. I felt, what type of person I have loved? At times I felt hatred, at times felt 'forget it' He didn't care for my love. I'm loving him but he's not giving attention. He is trying to make me look as if I am nothing. 

Why I became a victim of all this. I lost my mother and this person did not give attention to my feelings, so I was upset.
Because I'm poor, no education, not sophisticated, I feel low and inferior. I was simple and couldn't impress anyone. I felt he should give me respect. I just don't feel like doing anything. 

I feel why did all this happen to me? I was not gambling like other girls. I was pure at heart. I did so much for him and he treated me like this. 

Dreams: of snakes, of her pet dog which died.
Thermal: ambithermal
Craving: spicy food, meat
Sleep: disturbed because of dreams
The rubrics considered to reach the similimum
: - Delusion despised is one (as patient felt rejected by everyone)
- Delusion smaller she is
- Delusion, looked down upon that she is
- Dreams of snakes
- Cr. Spicy
From these rubrics and patients feeling of being low, rejected and unloved, she was given Lac-caninum 200 on 19.7.97, single dose. 

1st week: joint pains increased. Lots of dreams. S.L 
Aug '96 : sleep good. Dreams of small children. Joint pains and stiffness less. My fingers feel soft. I feel like working S.L 
Aug '96 : Joint pains increased. Upset over proposal. Does not want to marry. Lac caninum 200 repeated. 
Sept '96 : Pain less. Feeling fresh to do work. Not bothered by thoughts. Sleep sound. Dreams unremembered. Can work with hand. Says 'Don't want to depend on anyone.' 
Oct '96 : Lac caninum 1000 repeated as patient had fever and joint pains. 
Nov '96 : Skin eruptions of the past reappeared. She appeared for exams. S.L. 
Dec '96 : No stiffness, no cramps. There is a proposal for marriage 'feel like considering.' Can bend hand. Feeling fresh. S.L. 
Jan '97 : I feel medicine has made me confident. I feel independent in doing work. Thoughts don't bother me. I don't feel handicapped anymore. I want to study, get my degree and then get married. S.L. 

Is it not wonderful how Homoeopathy helps some one live as a healthy indivisual? We get immense satisfaction for having helped such cases and no other feeling can equal this.