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Case Study

Am I an Invalid
Dr Rafi Ahmed
'Aco / Arg-nit

Mr X, aged 36 years, came to my clinic on 25.1.95 with an expression of melancholy and anxiety written all over his face accompanied with restlessness. He started to state his complaints in the following manner:
' Doctor, please do something for me otherwise I will die of my present state of sickness. I am very afraid of my anxiety and my head feels as if t will burst. I am afraid of going out in crowd and to do work. That is why I came to you with him (pointing to the person who accompanied him). I feel I am invalid for any work, as if failure on my way. So I don't dare to take any new assignment in my business. Even when I go to perform namaaz to a mosque with company, anxiety aggravates. I feel suffocated. Sometimes, I return to my house with out going to the mosque.' After narrating his problems he became melancholic and again repeated the same sentence. ' Doctor, please do something for me otherwise I will die.' 

Q. Since how long you have been suffering like this and how?
A. Since last two years I have been suffering from the present state of mind. History goes back to Jan 1993, when I was in Delhi for business. There, I got a telegram of my mother's heart attack. I was shocked and anxious as to what to do. Next day I had an attack of acidity, which grew worse. Then loss and fear of having heart ailment persisted. Finally, I became scared of going out alone. I was taken to allopath and since then I am taking medicines but to no avail.
After the narration was over, I asked the questions related with the generalities of the patient and got the following tips:
Memory: forgetfulness
Desire: meat, spicy, highly rich foods
Aversion: sour things
Appetite: Anorexia
Susceptibility: to cold
Thirst: frequent for cold water
Sleep: sound
Previously was addicted to pan chewing and cigarette smoking
Gen. aggravation: Hearing bad news, accident
Family History : Father expired from cancer of throat
Mother expired of cardiac arrest 

Treatment : Under allopathic treatment fro 2 years, hence I gave 4 powders of Nux - vomica 30 to be taken twice daily to neutralise the effect of the allopathic medicines followed by Ignatia 200 twice a day for 2 days only and 12 powders of placebo twice daily.
3.2.95 Reported only 10% relief but fear of going outside alone in crowd, or unknown places continued.
On the basis of the above state of mind, I prescribed Aconitum - nap 200 in 4 powders to be taken twice daily followed by placebo twice daily for 13 days.
18.2.95 Patient was slightly better in the fear but still needed company.
Again Aconitum - nap 1M was given in four powders twice daily followed by placebo twice daily for 28 days.

18.3.95 He was feeling much better but due to acidity and flatulence he was again upset since last week. Once he dared to come out alone but due to above complaints he again lost confidence in himself. He even stopped going to his factory. When he was asked why, he explained that he felt and had loose motions prior to meeting any person or going to some new places. He was disappointed in life.
On the basis of change in the mental and physical planes, he was given two doses of Argentum - nitricum 1M twice a day followed by placebo twice daily fro 28 days.
19.4.95 Reported free from apprehensive diarrhoea and acidity. Placebo twice daily was prescribed.
19.5.95 Reported much better. Again placebo was prescribed for next two months.
20.7.95 Recovery was much better than earlier but stated that he lacked self confidence to attend his office.

One dose of Argentum - Nitricum 10M was prescribed to be taken empty stomach in the morning followed by placebo fro 2 months.
6.9.95 Reported better for the last 1 ½ months and started to attend his office but still had apprehension to have new assignment due to prevailing mental state of failure. Occasionally, recurrence of heartburn and acidity were reported.
Again Argentum - nitricum 50M was prescribed in distilled water to be taken on one day followed by placebo for 2 months.

8.11.95: Patient was very cheerful. Melancholic expression over the face had totally disappeared. But he persisted to continue the medicine to get his disease uprooted. For his mental satisfaction I prescribed placebo for a month then advised to discontinue the medicine.
1.1.96: He came to meet me and give me a new year gift.