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Case Study

Cure by Symptom Similarity
Dr Chetna Shukla

Saturday, Dec 28, 1996, THE TIMES OF INDIA, MUMBAI had this article in its section AROUND THE WORLD.
Song awakens girl from Coma
SUFFOLK [Virginia] For 12 days, nine year old Heather Harcum lay in a coma. Then her mother played her favourite song, Angels Among us, by the country group Alabama. And Heather came out of it.

"When it came on, she started crying, which we always did when we heard that song, "Penny Harcum, 30 said in an interview.
"That clued me in that she knew what was going on. I crawled in bed with her, told her "I love you," and asked her to tell me "I love you" back. She did I asked her to say it again because her voice was muffled, and she did."
Ms Harcum was driving home from Christmas shopping on Nov 30 when she got into an accident with two other cars. She and her six-year-old daughter; Holly, were uninjured, while the crash caused haemorrhaging on Heath brain, leaving the girl in a coma.
Because it's believed that people in a coma can hear things around them, doctors suggested the family read books to her and play music that she liked."

Ms Harcum thought Heather would like to hear the song, which always made Heather, Holly and herself cry because it reminded them of deceased relatives. She went home and fetched the tape, which had been tucked in Heather's Christmas stocking. 
It is only thus that God, the Preserver of mankind, could reveal His wisdom and goodness in reference to the cure of the diseases which man is liable to, here below on earth.
It is true that science does not rule out the possibility of God, who manifests His existence through the operations of nature - The laws of Nature.
One such law known to all of us Homoeopaths is the law mentioned in aph. 26 of Organon of Medicine....
"A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the later [whilst differing in kind] is very similar to the former in its manifestations."

The law of nature is universal, it always shows up whenever and wherever things are happening - invited or not. In fact, they run the show. This very law was also in operation in Heather's case causing the dissolution of the haemorrhage on her brain while the song was being played and Heather's came out of coma. The song worked as a similimum for her.
But the question is can a mere song cause the dissolution of the haemorrhage? And Heather's mother and sister survived the accident but she didn't?
The answer to the question lies in footnote 9 to aph 16 
"Most severe diseases may be produced by sufficient disturbance of the vital force through imagination and also cured by the same means."
Heather's mind caused this disease called coma and her own mind cured it. How? The answer lies in foot note 10 to aph 17.

"A warning dream, a superstitious fancy, or a solemn prediction that death would occur at a certain hour or at a certain day, has not infrequently produced all the signs of commencing and increasing disease, of approaching death and death itself at the hour announced, which could not happen without the simultaneous production of the inward changes; and hence in such cases all the morbid signs indicative of approaching death have frequently been dissipated by an identical cause, by some cunning deception or persuasion to a belief to the contrary, and health suddenly restored, which could not have happened without the removal, by means of this moral remedy [the song in this case], of the internal/external morbid change that threatened death." 

Heather's deranged vital force [deranged much prior to the accident] only manifested its derangement as haemorrhage on the brain via the impact of the accident.
Such miraculous cures can only be explained on the basis of the laws of the Rational Art of Healing HOMOEOPATHY. None other because such so called miracles if studied thoroughly always follodw the universal laws of nature.
Heather's case also answers our much questioned question- viz. an Arnica individual requires Arnica because he has a fall or is it because he is Arnica he had a fall.