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Case Study

A quick prescription with a prompt result (Cure)
Dr Kultar Singh Sandhu
'Aco / Staph

Homoeopathic medicines give prompt results if we find the similimum timely. To support my point I present a case of paralytic stroke from practice. 

Case 1: An old lady Satya Devi 63 yrs suffered right-sided paralytic stroke on 19-3-95, when she was descending from the bus she fell flat on the road, because she was unable to keep herself standing. Her relatives brought her to my clinic immediately. I recorded her BP 220/130 mmtHg. She was extremely frightened, confused and in great agony. Her right arm and leg was totally numb and lifeless. She was very impatient, inquietable and demanding and seemed very helpless.
I administered her Aconite 30 1 dose, repeated every 15 minutes three doses. After twenty minutes she seemed to be settled, bit comfortable and less restless. Her relatives were, asking me repeatedly; "Doctor have you given her the injection?" They were thinking I was an Allopath, because they were new to the town. I was not paying attention to them, just saying to wait outside. Then after sometime she defended me and advised her relatives to wait outside and sit calmly, as she was feeling better. After sometime she complained of pain in the right shoulder joint. I advised her son to press her shoulder joint, which he did. Then she felt pain in the right elbow joint, her son massaged the painful joint and pain radiated to her hand and disappeared afterwards. After 45 minutes, I recorded her BP 170/110 mmHg. She walked about in my clinic comfortably. She attended her mother's last rites quite normally in the evening.
She came to me on 24-3-95 for second and last follows up. She was symptom less.
This paralytic case confirmed my belief that Homoeopathic medicines can act very promptly if our selection is accurate and timely. 

Case 2: Indignation Caused Paralysis
27-1-97 An old man of 80 yrs suffered right sided paralysis, when his grandson demanded money to admit his wife for her delivery. Avarices by nature, he was extremely touched by sheer wastage of money. The oldman thought it was useless to go to a hospital for a normal delivery, which was usually performed at home by village midwife at his time. 
He was hurt emotionally when he couldn't stop them from disobeying him. This incident made him speechless and paralysed right side and vocal cords. He fell backwards when he was lifting a bag of wheat at his flourmill. He could not stand on his feet esp. right foot. He was brought to a nursing home, where he remained for 3 hours. They put him on glucose drip and lasix and within six hrs they brought him to my clinic.
I observed that he was trying to utter something but without any success. He could not lift his arm, when he was asked to do so. When his relatives left him unsupported he sank to the right side. He was trying to vomit, but not succeeding. His face was anxious, restless, irritable, was also making such gestures as if he was trying hard to speak. He was so much agitated over the sudden attack that he was stooping, throwing himself backwards alternately. In this process he was falling on his right side and holding his right hand very firmly with the left hand. He was looking at me in a frightened way. To me he seemed very angered and agitated. I administered him a dose of Staphysagria 1M. 

29-1-97 Ram Singh entered my clinic with partial support of his relatives and a cheerful look. When his grandson asked him about his right arm, he started parading the arm in all directions. In addition to this, he was making loud noises which were not clearly understood. His cheerful face was indicative of his victory over the paralytic attack. Paralysis was 100% all right, except for the speech. Placebo was given.
7-2-97 The patient was in high spirits. He could speak, could say Papu [grandson's name] Haan [Yes] Nai [No] and few other easy words. I noticed he could not rotate his tongue swiftly as normally.
Recovery was effected in three weeks only.