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Case Study

A Case of Diabetes
Dr B D Patel

Mr D R, aged 41, consulted me for Diabetes Mellitus with hypertension since 1982. He had taken treatment under all the system of medicines including Homoeopathy but the blood sugar was not coming down. Insulin, too, had only a mild effect. 

Life Situation 
He was born in a middle class family. He had no problem in his childhood. He had a love marriage, which caused lots of tension in the family. He has one brother, a Christian preacher, and a sister with whom his relations are not cordial nor does he feel any attachment towards them. He is highly irritable and fastidious and does not like company other than his close friends. Not communicative. No strong desires or aversion but drinks alcohol ++++. His diabetic profile was very high, fasting sugar 460 mg%, USG showed Grade I Nephropathy and Cholelithiasis. No significant dreams. Thermal reaction- H3 C P/H Typhoid twice 

Treatment And Follow-Up
6-7-94: Opium CM - one dose given to arouse the reaction.
20-8-94: The patient developed slight burning in his soles only at night and sleeplessness in spite of alcohol; no other modality emerged. Sulphur 10 M
21-11-94: Nor burning sensation and sleep is better.
10-2-95: No burning. Sleep much better; he is less irritable.
Does not shout at his family. Advised to shift to oral anti-diabetic drugs from Insulin. Rx Rubrum
23-1-96: No problem on use of minimal Anti-diabetic drugs. USG shows mild Nephropathy with Cholelithiasis. Though he has not stopped taking alcohol, he has reduced it considerably. Rx Rubrum

Opium was given to arouse the reaction in the patient, as his blood sugar was so high. Inspite of Cholelithiasis, he did not show any other diabetic or systemic symptoms. There was no pain, no indigestion, and no urinary complaints though he had Nephropathy. As he had taken many kinds of treatment, I had to think of a different approach to this case. Sulphur was also prescribed for lack of symptoms. The burning in his soles confirmed this selection. 

Editor Comments - This patient's PPBS report and follow-up reports would have made a more convincing case. Absence of any symptoms justifies classification of Diabetes as one of the "SILEMT KILLERS" necessitating us to always be on our toes so as not to miss a case.