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Case Study

Cases of Phos-Acid
Dr Pradeep Garge

As I want to prove the efficacy and superiority of Homoeopathy, I have chosen two cases with improved rapidly. It is just a coincidence that both cases happened to be Phos-acid cases. 

Case 1: M G Shivraman aged 41 years, came on 7/8/96.Married 10 years back. Occupation: Accounts officer.

Chief Complaints: itching of Penis since 2 days. Accident 15 days back; injury not healing properly so checked urine which showed sugar ++ Similar trouble 2-3 times 3 years ago was on Eulachon. Loss of weight which he attributes to his overexertion. Confident sometimes otherwise less. Irritation, feels internally vibrations, which he can't express, can't react immediately, even when scolded, remembers afterwards that he should have reacted, initially very irritable and reactive. Now can't express ideas. Feels he is sleeping, drunken as if, thoughts +++. Thinks conspiracies made against him. Can't forget insults even about small matters; negative thinking ++ Confidence lacks of, as if nobody with me. Nobody supports me. Forgets names. Financial tensions +++ God fearing +++ 

Gases + eructation ++ after pressing abdomen, after pressing painful parts
Smoking +++ 6-7 cigar/day with anxiety more. 

Family history:
F died, had paralysis
M died of heart attack / Ca throat
B - 2 mentally abnormal
Son 1S-2/N/N 

Past History:
H/O Exposure once/twice with infection 1977 Piles, dog bite took homoeopathic Rx 

Personal History:
APPETITE - more thirst 4-5 glasses /day
D-rice A--
BOWELS 1-2 /day/satisfactory
PERSPIRATION +++ all over after exertion
SLEEP sound
DREAMS +++ morning/of death
HABITS 6-7 cigar/day alcohol left since 4 years.
THERMALS - Prefers summer feels better after sweating.
Wt - 56 kg
BP 110/70 MM of Hg

Urine 1] sugar [Kt]
Stomach 2] thirst less [Kt]
Mind 3] irritability [see anger] [Kt]
Mind 4] forgetful [Kt]
Mind 5] delusion imaginations. Hallucinations, illusions/conspiracies against her father, thought the landlord's bills against him, there were conspiracies.[Kt]
Mind 6] confidence want of self[Kt]
Mind 7] Thoughts /persistent [see delusions] [Kt]
Mind 8] Dullness, sluggishness, difficulty of thinking and comprehending [Kt]
Mind 9] Mortification ailments after [Kt] 

Treatment :
FBS - 199.42. PPBS -327.01. Urine 2%
F and PP also date 7/8/96
Rx Acid-phos 1<?4 doses Sac-lac 7 days. Exercise diet restriction
10/7/96 less irritation Rx - S Jambo Q 10 drops BD
14/8/96 Injury better. Feels fresh. Weakness better. Rx Acid-phos 1M/2/ Sac-lac 7 days.
16/8/96 FBS -172.98 Urine 1.5% PPBS 222.41 Urine 2%
24/8/96 Better. No much weakness, Energetic for work. Rx Ctall/ 2
6/9/96 Feeling fresh and energetic. Stools regular now, sleep sound. 57.5 kg App good. Rx Ctall/1
17/10/96 No Urination at night. Feeling fresh, no weakness Rx P 5/1M/2 doses.
25/9/96 Feeling better Rx Ctall
3/10/96 Fever since morning after getting wet in rain now O/E a febrile Rx P 5/1M/2 doses Sac-lac TDS 7 days
5/10/96 Coryza ++ after getting wet, no fever, Pulse 80/min.Rx Kali-mur 6xFerr-ph/200x /1/2 DR P-5/1M/2
18/10/96 Reports FBS 89.83 mg % urine nil PPBS 170 58mg% sugar 0.5%. Irritation of the eyes 2-3 days back after exposure to paint now OK. Sleep sound.
Rx Placebo.

29/10/96 Better Rx - Ctall
30/11/96 No problem as such Rx Ctall.
30/11/96 Better further Rx Ctall 

Patient not turned up later as he felt better. I wish to give a dose of Syphilinum if he comes again to complete the cure. 

Case 2: Date 22/10/97
Name Gyanoba Dharoji Hoge
Age 39 yrs Sex male. Marital status Married 1984.
Provisional Diagnosis Diabetes Mellitus 

Chief Complaints Weakness freq of urine more at night thirsty +++ loss of weight Tingling in the ext both. 

Family History:
F died at early age
B No
S 1
Daughter 2
No known major illness in the family

Past History:
Feverish feeling but never showed to doctor

Personal History:
APPETITE - good 
THIRST - more
BOWEL regular
MICTURITION - every 2-3 hourly
SLEEP - sound
DREAMS - water/ God/ frightful as of black magic
HABITS - tobacco/ bidi/ alcohol occ
49 Kg Pulse 78/min
BP 124/88 mm of Hg
Tongue cracked moist flabby
Irritable but rarely expresses anger.

FBS 238.55 PPBS 474.61
Rx Ars-alb 200/ TDS 7 days.
S. Jambo Q 10 drops TDS 7 days.
28/10/97 Better.Nocturnal freq 2 times. Weakness better. Thirst reduced comparatively. Tingling continues.
Now was in a position to give full history. For years there have been strong disputes with wife, which he has tried to suppress. Tremendous financial tensions. Pt.appears dull and lethargic. Answers very slowly.
Rx-Acid-phos 200/6 doses
3/11/97 better, sleep--sound urine freq. further reduced at night. Rx--Ct all
14/11/97: FBS -196.56 PPBS -379.08 Rx Ct all. With SL BD
29/11/97 Weakness less, tingling less, coryza since 2-4 days after raining,, urine freq 2 times at night, thirst less, sleep -- sound
Ctall 7 days.
17/12/97 Freq of urine only once at night, thirst also better Rx Ctall
15/1/98 Better, no urine at night. Thirst less, no weakness, sleep sound 50kg Rx Placebo 15 days.
4/2/98 FBS 149.51 PPBS 252.83 no weakness Rx Placebo 15 days.
21/3/98 Better Rx Placebo 15 days. 51 kg
Patient still under treatment.