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Case Study

Cases From Our Rich Heritage
Compiled by:
T K Kasiviswanathan
'Calc-s / Nat-m / Nat-m

Case 1
Mr. P H P, aged 30, came to Dr Rajan Sankaran on 9-2-1983 with a non- healing ulcer on the [R] index finger. His was a case of juvenile diabetes (detected in 1976). He had itching in calf region at bedtime. He had an injury on his [R] index finger, which suppurated and turned into an ulcer. It was discharging yellow pus. He also developed boils in axillae and thighs and also in other parts of his body. Antibiotics did not have any result. He was advised amputation of the finger and hence opted for Homoeopathic treatment. He was obstinate by nature and a warm patient. He was averse to milk. He had perspiration, which was sour. The repertorisation of the case was as follows:-
Obstinate + perspiration sour: Acon, Arn, Ars, Calc, Calc-sulph, Carb-veg, Caust, Cham, Chel, Ferr, Ferr-ars, Hep, Hyos, Ign, Ip, Kali-c, Lyc, Merc, Nux-v, Psor, Sil, Tarent, Thuja, Zinc
Ulcers discharge yellow: Acon, Ars, Bry, Calc, Calc-s, Carb-veg, Caust, Hep, Lyc, Merc, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Sil, Thuja
Averse to milk: Bry, Calc-s, Carb-veg, and Sil
Warm patient: Bry, Calc-s, and Carb-veg

Referring to Boericke's Materia Medica we find on Calc-s " suppurative processes come within the range of this remedy, after pus has found a vent. Cuts, wounds, bruises etc, unhealthy, discharge pus; they do not heal steadily. Yellow discharge."
The patient was prescribed Calc-sulph 30 b.d for 4 months. He reported in June 1983 that the ulcer had healed. Nail had formed again. No itching. No boils. General health better and intake of insulin reduced. He was still under treatment when this case was published but his main complaint was cured. (Rajan Sankaran)

Case 2
Mr UP, aged 38, consulted Dr Rajan Sankaran for the following complaints. Dry lips, worse after eating, AGG from anger; thirst for cold things AGG night. Rashes after itching which are worse at night. Relieved by cold bath. Appetite with emaciation though sleeping well gets up tired and refreshed by cold bath. Cramp in calf worse from sleep at night Craves bitter things and aversion to sweets. Sweats on forehead face, hands and calf, which stain yellow occasionally. Talks during sleep and snores. He had dreams of a wild lion chasing him which then went into the cage. Of snakes, robbers, spiders falling, dreams of falling. Accidents murder, wild animals, physical exertion. 

He was sensitive to cruelty and sympathetic. Memory poor for names and places. Felt sad during 5-8 pm and felt that life was purposeless. In 1970, he attempted suicide. Ambitious, dictatorial and jealous of healthy people and felt depressed when thinking of illness. Had fears of dogs, death, storm, sudden work and of future. Hurried while writing and time passes quickly. Likes company. Weeps when he has hurt someone and also when watching emotional scenes in films. He does not like consolation. Gets angry when contradicted.
He was a diabetic and his two brothers are also diabetic.

The case was repertorised on the following rubrics: -
1. Sensitive to cruelty, sympathetic
2. Sadness worse evening
3. Dictatorial
4. Thunderstorm, worse from
5. Appetite increased with emaciation
6. Relief from cold bathing
7. Likes bitter things and aversion to sweets

Nat-mur and Phos emerged and taking all factors into account Nat-mur was selected. It was started on 30th potency and was gradually increased and was given upto CM potency. The patient started improving from the first dose and became normal and free from diabetes. (Dr Rajan Sankaran) cha - I feel not wise to comment this free from diabetes 

Case 3
A senior civil servant aged 50 consulted Dr Prabhkar Babu for his diabetic condition. He was suffering from diabetes since last one year (PP sugar 248mg). He had hypertension. He also suffered from pain on his teeth on both the sides after a scooter accident. He was unable to sleep continuously, as the pain in the teeth was AGG by turning to either side. His sleeplessness was further AGG by over-active mind accompanied by palpitation now and then. He had much anxiety with palpitation AGG by lying on both sides or on back before going to sleep. Restless legs before sleep since childhood and hand trembles while writing.

Mental symptoms:
Vindictive, malicious hating those who hurt him and would pursue them even for years for revenge. He had financial worries and anxiety about the future. Smokes and had strong addiction to alcohol. At the age of 8 he had asthma which was treated with Ayurvedic medicines and had ring worm which was suppressed with an allopathic lotion.
The case was repertorised from Kent as under:
Malicious (p 63): Hatred (p 51); Anxiety about future (p 7); Quarrelsome (p70); desires bitter food (p 484); Desires lemon; Desires open air (p 1343); sleeplessness before midnight (p 1252) Sleeplessness, thoughts activity of mind from (p1254) sleeplessness anxiety from (p1253); Sleeplessness, palpitation from (p1254) Sleep before AGG (p1401) ; Lying on back AGG (p1401); Lying on sides AGG (p 1372)

Trembling of the body externally - anxiety from (p1408); palpitation on going to sleep (p 876); Tooth pain - pulsating injuries from, lying on painful side extending to head and restlessness -leg before sleep (p1188).
Maliciousness was taken as the eliminating rubric as this symptom was very strongly present in the patient.
The Repertorisation led to Nat-mur as the remedy covered the largest number of rubrics and the study of the remedy in the Materia Medica confirmed the choice.

1-7-91: Natrum-mur 200 one dose was given with plenty of SL
9-7-91: the patient reported that his sleeplessness was better; he had 8 loose stools that day; the patient was advised not to get alarmed but continue with the medicine (SL)
13-7-91: Felt comparatively better and the drawing pains in his cervical region which had troubled him for many days was now completely relieved There was AMEL in restlessness of legs before sleep and the trembling of the hand while writing was 80% better. Placebo
28-7-91: Drawing pain in the lower extremities, particularly in the calf; ringworm which was earlier suppressed reappeared; sleep was better. Placebo
8-8-91: Ringworm disappeared. Urine sugar nil; the patient was advised to get his blood sugar examined
13-9-91 PPBS test revealed 128-mg.
12-10-91: General health was better and his BP was170/100; placebo
10-11-91: status quo; placebo
4-12-91: Another test showed that PPBS was lower at 122mg
2-1-92: Status quo: placebo
12-2-92: BP was lower 160/110
The patient was discharged as cured as far as his diabetes is concerned; it is remarkable that with one dose of the remedy with placebo for 6 months the diabetic symptoms were controlled. (Dr V Prabhakar Babu) 

Sources : 
1.Diabetes Mellitus - A speech delivered by Dr Rajan Sankaran at the 4th All -India Homoeopathic Congress, Bombay on Dec 29,1983- Reprinted in an old issue of Indian Journal of Homoeopathic medicine
2. Medicina Futura Homoeopathy -Vol 3 No1- July 1992
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