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Case Study

Cases that taught me a great deal
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Nat-c / Lach

These 2 cases are special to me, because:

  1. Both had been treated in my initial years of practice.
  2. Both came back to me after about 17 years.
  3. Both had been neighbors & friends more than patients but with whom I had lost touch for many years.
  4. In the past, I had had difficulty in getting history, as happens when patients are known socially. Yet both had earlier improved under my treatment given in the 80's.
  5. Both of them got the same problem at menopause, which I now report for DUB.
  6. For both I could trace my old records and find their SCR's (case books), which made me happy at:

o    Having a good filing system.

o    Confirming to me the necessity of keeping records for so many years.

o    My case taking and recording, analysis and working was good even at that time, but is superior today. Improvement of a Homoeopath is mandatory, if he is to be happy with himself.

o    My handwriting, which was quite good in those days, has deteriorated today to the extent of being almost indecipherable. Thank God for the computer! Or maybe I am just keeping pace with progress and justifying the need for a computer!

  1. I have been using Dr Asrani's chart for the record of bleeding which helped me prove to the patient that she is better, and that she could safely postpone a hysterectomy.

Case 1: This patient is the wife of the man, reported in theMagnesia and the Eye issues, of Macular Oedema of the eye, which improved under Mag-phos. Refer that case to get a full story.
Mrs X, 47, came to me on 3-6-98 with profuse bleeding, making her giddy and weak.
She had to change pads 3 times a day. From last 1 year her bleeding had been irregular, lasting 5-15 days and coming after 30-40 days, Bleeding was dark red, with large clots, with backache, heavy breasts, and frequent colds. She was investigated. Sonography proved she had fibroids.

Her Other Complaints
Bone pains with leg and feet pain and low backache during menses. (? Osteoporosis)

Family History: MGF: Diabetes leading to gangrene and death in 1969.
PGF: Diabetes - kidney failure, died of heart attack in 1962.
Fa: Asthma & Peptic Ulcer, died 1980
PAST HISTORY: Warts (> Hom) Fissures, Headaches and tiredness.

Pt as a Person:
Appetite: N
Cravings: Sour. Spices, salty. Raw rice3, chalk
Aversions: Sweets, eggs, onion in pregnancy, garlic.
Menstruation: 5/28 (P/H) heavy, red with clots. MB Pain abdomen better heat. Sensation as if abdomen swollen, Acne, Pain and weakness.
Pregnancy: Oedema++ [R] leg, face. PERSPIRATION: Head sweats.
Neck pain and backaches.
Mind: Worried, Irritable. Likes company.

Life Story: Pt is the second of 3 daughters, born and brought up in Calcutta. Mother was sorely disappointed delivering a girl child. This had its effect especially on the 3rd daughter, who was very shy and introvert, not married till 24. Eventually pt got her married, as Fa had died.

Pt did MA and then 2 yrs of Law. Was working in Citibank, Calcutta. Husband had been deputed from the Bombay branch to Calcutta. Before his arrival, knowing he was a South Indian, same as the pt, the staff had planned to get them together. That worked out and ended in marriage. Husband is one who can be led. In Bombay, he lived as a paying guest and had an ongoing affair with the landlady, probably due to her instigation. After marriage, the bride too was brought to the same house! You can well imagine the suffering our patient had to endure for 1 yr. Eventually took a house on LL and moved out. But husband continued to go there every evening from work. Those first few years were very traumatic and very insecure.
To add to her miseries, she had a miscarriage. Finally everything was resolved only 2-3 yrs later when:

  1. They bought their own house, after bank sanctioned loan.
  2. The landlady moved off to Ahmedabad.
  3. And most imp, pt got pregnant.

Eventually settled down, but husband being an uncommunicative and undemonstrative sort, pt always felt left out. So some level of insecurity has remained to this day. Eg 1st Nov 1998 is their Silver Wedding anniversary, but her husband says no time, because of too much work at the office.

Yet now overall pt is very cheerful, laughs a lot, has taken hobbies of dance and music very seriously and even teaches dancing. Has a very good relationship with sons who are 21 and 19 doing BE and BCom respectively. Today she describes herself as cheerful and philosophical; even her anxiety over trifles has reduced a great deal.

Past Homoeopathic Treatment:
Nit-ac for fissures.
Bry - headaches/ cervical pain
Calc-fl /Sil}: deep-acting remedies
Nat-m, Medh Intercurrent: Warts

Relevant Rubrics:
Menorrhagia: Profuse bleeding-Menopause during: Kali-br, Lach, Nux-vom, Sabina, Secale
Stains: Mag-c, Med, Puls, nit-ac.
Ro 1347: Sleep reduced, bleeding D: Phos, Chin

Planning and Programmimg:
Acute: Sabina 200 4 hrly Calc-fl 6X BD: osteoporosis.
Chronic: Nat-carb: Sun < Intercurrent: Tub-b




Sabina 200 4 hrly.


Bleeding stopped on 4-6.

Nat-c 200-1 dose.

Spotting / Bleeding / Spotting Free Interval
14-5-98 to 7-6-98 14 days
21-6-98 25-6-98 to 17-7-98
27-7-98 06-8-98to 13-8-98 Ipecac 200
14-9-98 to 24-9-98 Burns Secale-cor 200 tds
8-8-98 Uncle died Ign 1M
Oct 98 Injury foot Arn 30.
Still under treatment but doing well.

Case 2:
Mrs P A, 45.yr came to me on 11-11-97, She has three children - sons 23 & 16, daughter 21yrs. Her main complaint was menorrhagia since April 97 for15 days at a time, better by D & C in June 97. Other complaint pain calves and knees on climbing, elbow pain in the morning and shooting sciatica pain, coming on suddenly once in 2 yrs. Hair fall and Stye in [L] eye sine 3/11/97. Comes once in 2yrs and has to be punctured.

Patient as a Person:
Appetite: N
Cravings: Sour, spices, cold drinks and fish.
Deliveries: All 3 Caesarean.
Thermals: Hot patient H3C2.
Likes open air, AC, winter. Covers feet. Takes warm bath. Never wears chokers and very tight clothes. Bruises easily.

Life Story: Born 1952. Eldest of 4 children - 3 sisters and 1 brother. Very closely knit family; often goes out for lunch with brother alone and talks regularly to sister in Ahmedabad.
1971: Did BA- 3rd year.
1972: Married. Husband was in USA for 4 yrs. She went there, did a beauticians course of 1 yr and worked.
1976: returned to India. Finished her BA. Moved to new flat at Pali Hill with in-laws. Husband was the only son, so joint family. Pt found it difficult to adjust to the joint family. Worked half a day with husband, therefore managed to keep cool.
Husband is home-loving; is very close to the children and listens to all their problems. Pt likes to go out with friends.
1997: Silver Wedding Anniversary, but Husband away in USA. Decided it was okay and could not be helped. Thus tries not to get upset over things and take them in her stride. Keeps hurt to herself. Does not answer back the MIL. Gets angry with children. Worries about the youngest son.
F/H-Diabetes Lt Knee Lt Spur Sciatica Menorrhagia,
P/H: Stye in left eye




Sabina 200 qds.




No bleeding.

Lach 200- 1 dose


> 70 in calf and spur Knee ct



Knee ct Generally better except knee pain. No bleeding episodes.



June 98 Went to USA. Got allergic rash after seafood. Very bad state, suffered much thou resorted to Allopathy. Now > but still itching

Lach 1M -1 dose


Better except palms still itching. Knee pain ct.

Rhus-tox 1M -3 doses.


knee >. Slight bleeding after 6 mths Sabina 200 followed by Lach 1M-1 dose Pt says she feels more healthy than last yr

Homoeopathy works well in most conditions of DUB, except that many times the acute remedy needs to be changed with each episode. Only frequent repetition helps for long periods. It also happens that the remedy brings on complete menopause state & cessation of periods, instead of prolonged bleeding in pre-menopausal state. Case 2 has shown this response-no menses for 6 mths-then this one small episode. Then probably srop.