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Case Study

Against My Will
Dr Satish Rana
'Ferr-met / Lyco

Case 1
Mrs PS aged 26, fair complexioned, from a well-to-do family, married 3 years, but has no issue. History of MTP at 2 ½ months of pregnancy, as the couple wanted to enjoy life 'freely'. This was followed by frequent menstruation. She never had such irregularity since the onset of puberty. For last one year she is under the treatment of a gynecologist of repute and has undergone all tests, including USG- whole abdomen, followed by hysterography and hysteroscopy. Three months back she underwent curetting. Lab investigations from various labs: CT, BT, TLC, DLC, ESR, etc- normal.

While narrating her history patient sobbed constantly. Weeping remedies: [Puls, Sep, Lyco Nat-m etc]. Patient complained "All this was done against my will, I never thought I would suffer so much for the sin we committed."

On this very version I prescribed Ferr-met 10M one dose dry on the tongue. Within 3 months the patient, free from all complaints, had conceived. Following rubrics taken:

  1. Anxiety, conscience, as if guilty of crime
  2. Being compelled to do things against her will [SR]
  3. Dreams of dead children, friends and relatives, water etc.
  4. Sobs
  5. Weeps
  6. Severe anemia [due to which the patient was fair & pale]

Case 2:
Mrs Raj, 41 years old, moderate height and build, coming from a middle class family, complained of frequent and profuse menstruation which continued for 10-16 days. Bright red blood but no clots. Taken Homoeopathy for last six months without any relief. Her pelvic USG revealed [R] cystic ovary. Patient felt discouraged as her mother too had the same complaint and she had had to undergo hysterectomy. Will I also suffer the same fate? She asked.

Personal History: Menarche at 12, with profuse bleeding on the first day, then slight on 3rd day. Got married at the age of 23. Have 3 sons, all FTND at C/H Kapurthala. Menses increased by one day after one year of marriage i.e. after first delivery. No H/o any curetting or surgery. Thermally the patient is on the hotter side. The patient was advised a fresh USG, which revealed no pathology in the whole abdomen and pelvic region. It was quite surprising! If the disturbed menstrual bleeding was due to the cystic ovary it must have been cured with the disappearance of the cystic ovary. I suspected the diagnosis to be a wrong one. The USG confirmed this.

Lyco 10M only one dose followed by SL and no separate treatment for emergency during the periods. Within 2 months the lady was all right and I received special compliments from her husband that I had changed his wife totally. Now she was polite and not at all insolent towards her children and other family members. Rubrics:




Despair, recovery, of


Frightened easily


Fear, disease impending


Desire for sweets and extra hot milk


Offensive perspiration

Hot patient

Margaret Tyler and John Weir-Repertorising

Here a very surprising thing happened. I was unaware about the patient's tendency to be haughty towards her children and other family members. There is a rubric in SR I pg 647, INSOLENCE under which Lyco is ranked first grade.

Author's Comments: In both cases, the remedies were selected on the basis of patient's mental generals and the physical generals and no attention was paid to the particular symptoms or the diagnosis of the disease. This is the sole reason for the success of the prescription. When a prescribed medicine is an exact similimum it is bound to change the mentality of the patient.