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Case Study

The Wind will blow me away
Dr Ms Aqsa Ansari

Mrs BDT aged 40, flew in from New York for her Thalassemia Minor which was giving her anxiety, nervousness, trembling, fatigue and backache. She was detected to have Thalassemia trait in 1991 and since then 3-4/w she would feel all the symptoms esp. in the mornings.
Her Complaints were:

  1. Large stools 2-3/d with nausea and weakness
  2. Sneezing occasional in winter, dust, pollen, milk with blocked ear in cold air
  3. Pain in the neck and shoulder extending to [R] arm with heaviness and weakness. AGG - typing; AMEL - rest and tight bandaging. Diagnosed as Cervical spondylosis

Personal history - Pt lean 85 lbs, Pallor +
Perspiration - low
Appetite - low
Craving - salt2 sweets3, AGG milk3
Menstruation - 5/30-35; dark red, stains fast
MB - weakness, anxiety and loose stools, >MA for 15 d
Leucorrhoea < MA 10d for 6-7d with debility and backache.
Pregnancy - Primary Sterility.

Life Sequence - Born in Bahrain, 1957, only child. Father an accountant and mother a telephone operator.
1966-70, schooling in London
1971-76 SSC Mumbai
1976-78 BA Nirmala Niketan
1978 Davars Typing and Shorthand
1980-86 Job in Crompton Greaves
1983 Married, Husband -WMI Cranes Ltd and then Garware Tyres.
1991- Pts Father sponsored them and called them to USA. They sold their house and went to stay in New York with him. Living together till date. Pt did all housework. Now due to illness father helps and does the cooking while husband helps with the laundry work. Her timings of work are from 7:30 am to 6pm. The biggest joy of her life is travelling. She is content and happy with her life.

Nervous3 > company, Anxiety3 < Exams, Strong urge for stools before Interviews. Fear of heights, fights, crowds, bad news, and sickness. Fastidious3.Weepy3 > consolation. Lacks confidence. Indecisive.

Remedy Selected - Arg-nitricum.
Reasons For Selection of Arg-Nit:

  1. Tremendous anxiety.
  2. Anticipation.
  3. Fear heights.
  4. Trembling and Fatigue.
  5. Large nervous stools.
  6. Neckache and Backache.
  7. Craving sugar
  8. < Milk.
  9. < Menses Before.

25/2/98 Arg -nitricum 1M was given.
4/3/98 she was > 50% esp. weakness with large stools only 2/w with no colds and no ear pains. Pre-menstrual symptoms were also absent. Sac-lac for a week.
10/3/98 Nausea< smell of cooking food. Colch 200p 1dose.
6/4/98 > 3 Sac-lac /15d
5/5/98 Constipation, s nausea and acidity. Arg-nit 10M 1 dose.
4/5/98 > 3 Tub-b 1M 1dose
22/7/98 Diarrhoea3 with less app. Arg-nitricum 10M 1dose.
21/8/98 Well exc. premenstrual complaints. Sac-lac 200
21/9/98 Acidity. Nausea. Sul 30 - one dose to complement Arg-nit

Her fastidiousness can be seen also from her exact reporting even from USA. She has not missed a day's medicine in last 7 mths. She is doing very well & is very happy with her progress. Her anxiety level has really gone down, and with it, her work efficiency has increased. Her menstrual anomalies are also much better.