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Case Study

Cramps Numb Me
Dr E Balakrishnan
'Am-carb / Tub / Ars-iod / Bell

Case 1 : 26 yr female, with a history of painful menses since 3 to 4 years; menses regular; heavy flow lasting for 6 to 7 days, accompanied by severe cramping pains; diarrhoea and vomiting so severe that not even water is retained, lasting a\whole cycle. Agonizing cramps in abdomen; forced to take analgesic tablets and injections and Perinorm injections during 3 to 4 days of the period. At times she has even been hospitalized. Best of Allopathic treatment proved futile.

Resorted to Homoeopathic treatment since last six months. Many drugs were tried without any benefit and I finally picked on Am-carb, guided by Dr S R Phatak's observations in his MM -'cholera like symptoms with menses'.
Situation has improved since last 2 episodes, after Am-carb 1000, daily 1 dose for 2 months.
For the first time in several years she could manage without analgesics and injections of Perinom. No major complaints during menstrual period now days.

Rubrics Considered:

K 727

Painful dysmenorrhoea Am-carb [2]

K 614

Diarrhoea during menses Am-c[1]

K 534

Vomiting-menses during Am-carb [2]


Nausea -menses during Am- c [1]

Case 2: A 30-year-old lady, married, with no issues. Her menses have always been irregular, sometimes late by months. Flow normal - 4 to 5 days. During May 98, she got her period and there was heavy non- stop flow, which dragged on till July. During this period she was being treated by top gynaecologists and was even hospitalized for few days. The bleeding could not, however, be stopped. Being a working lady, she had to be on leave all these days.

She started Homoeopathic treatment on 16-7-98. Case taking revealed that at the age of 16 she had had pulmonary T B, for which she had taken a full course of Anti-Koch's.

Based on this information, she was given Tuberculinum 10 M 2 doses to be taken 12 hours apart and Trillium Q 10 gtt TDS.

Within 48 hours, the flooding stopped!
Not only did this treatment regularize her periods (she got her period every month) with normal flow but also took away her other complaints and her general health improved.

Rubrics Considered

K 725

Menses copious Tub[2], Trill [2]

K 727

Menses late Tub [1]

Case 3: Lady aged 21 with a history of Amenorrhoea; no menstrual flow far the last one-year; leucorrhoeal discharge acrid and debilitating.

Came in for Homoeopathic treatment during April 1998. Based on the similar history of Pulmonary T B. at the age of 14, which was treated and cured, she was given Tuberculinum 10 M - 2 doses - 12 hours apart; followed by Ars-iod 30 once a day for 2 weeks. No Menses, but good improvement in leucorrhoea.
Senecio 200 was prescribed daily 1 dose for 2 weeks, followed by Senecio 1000 - 3 doses every week for 3 weeks.
Menses established in June 98 and from then on periods' regular. No leucorrhoea discharge.

Rubrics Considered:


Menses suppressed Senec [3] Ars-iod [1]

K 724

Amenorrhoea Tub[3], Ars-iod [2] Senecio [3]

K 721

Leucorrhoea-acrid Ars-iod [2]

K 721

Leucorrhoea-copious Ars-iod [2]

Case 4: Lady aged 30, married, with 2 children. Menstrual flow very heavy, usually lasting for 6 to 7 days. Last month, on third day of the period there was such continuous and heavy flow, that I was called in at around 10 p.m.

The bleeding which had started from 3 pm that day had not stopped accompanied by severe bearing down pain. The patient remained standing, as standing only give some relief, as there was AGG on lying down. She was restless, anxious and flushed.

She had already taken allopathic tablets for the pain and the bleeding but to no avail. Bell 10M, dissolved in water, one teaspoonful given every 15 minutes to ½ an hour, solved the crisis within 2 hours and she could sleep well thereafter.

Next day evening she came to my clinic by which time, the flow was minimal with no colicky pain; she seemed quite cheerful.

Rubrics Considered:

K 727

Painful menses Bell[3]

K 1403

Amel standing Bell [3]

K 725

Menses copious Bell [3]

K 730

Bright red blood Bell [2]


Lying aggravates Bell [2]