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Case Study

DUB After Emotional Trauma
Dr Abha Mehta
Nat-m / Sep

Clinically DUB literally means irregularities in the menstrual cycle without any Pathological manifestations.It manifests in various forms:

  1. A regular menstrual cycle with heavy bleeding or
  2. Irregular cycles with heavy bleeding or
  3. Intermenstrual bleeding of non-organic origin

One of the commonest causes of DUB is Endocrinal Disturbances eg Pituitary tumours. In my clinical experience I have realized that we, as Homoeopaths, get many such cases in our practice which can be treated successfully. Among the cases treated by me, the two which strikingly come to my mind are:

Case 1 : Ms R, 18 years of age, studying Science in the first year of college, came to me for consultation. She was very agitated due to her irregular periods with heavy flow. We started with the clinical history and as we progressed further, I realized that she had suffered major emotional trauma 6 months ago. Her mother who was suffering from deep depression had died under tragic circumstances. She had committed suicide by jumping from her office terrace. Patient was emotionally scarred and also angry with her mother for taking such a drastic step and leaving the family grieving and facing society at large. Further case taking revealed that the complaints had started about 3 months ago.

Menstrual cycle was delayed by 10-15 days and the cycle lasted for 5-6 days.
Flow was dark, and heavy with clots. There was spasmodic dysmenorrhoea which was relieved by lying down.
Associated complaints were constipation and tendency for dandruff and dry skin.

Physical Generals:
Thermals - AGG by heat
Appetite - normal
Thirst - increased for large qts of water
Stools - constipation, hard stools, takes great effort, followed by burning and soreness.
Micturition - normal
Perspiration - normal
Sleep - restless, cannot remember any dreams
Desires - salty things

Mental Generals:
History of grief and emotional stress
Patient is very sensitive. Prefers to be left alone and does not like any form of sympathy. Loves to dwell over things and self piteous; Introvert.

Past History: Not Contributory
Family History:
Father has hypertension
Mother suffered from depression
Maternal grandfather had suicidal depression

General Examination:
Built - thin
Pallor ++
No Oedema
No Icterus
No significant Lymphadenopathy
Pulse - 76/ minute, regular, good volume, synchronous
Tongue - coated [white]

Systemic Examination - Nothing abnormal detected.

Symptoms Taken For Repertorization [Robin Murphy]


Mind, consolation, AGG from kind words


Mind, anger, grief with silent


Mind, crying, weeping


Mind , sensitive


Blood, anaemia


Female, menses, irregular


Female, menses, profuse


Food, salt, desires


Food, thirst, extreme


Rectum, constipation, difficult stool

On Repertorisation the medicine chosen was Natrum-muriaticum

Nat-mur 200 3 doses x 1 day
SL thrice daily x 4 weeks
Next cycle after 38 days lasting for 5 days.
Dysmenorrhoea less.
Patient more cheerful and positive; Repeated dosage. Results same.
Nat-mur 1M x 3 doses SL thrice daily x 4 weeks Next cycle after 32 days lasting for 5 days.
Dysmenorrhoea less. Dosage repeated.
Since 6 months menstrual cycle normal. All associated complaints are much better.

Case 2 : The patient a 30 year old lady was referred to me by a gynecologist who felt that Hom would be able to help her out. The lady presented a picture of absolute tiredness and apathy and took a long time to narrate her symptoms.

She complained of prolonged and heavy periods, which sometimes even lasted for 20 days at a time since one and a half years. The bleeding was profuse with clots. Associated with Dysmenorrhoea especially cramps in the abdomen. There was a sensation as if everything is coming out with the flow, in between the periods there was a whitish discharge which was colourless, had an offensive odour, but no pruritus. She also suffers from PMS - gets very irritable and neglects her work. She has fluid retention and gains weight. She had been treated for infertility about 6 years ago, after which she delivered a baby girl 5 years ago.

Associated complaints are recurrent headaches AGG by fasting, going out in the sun, excessive tension, along with nausea which is AGG by smell of food, noise.

Physical Generals:
Thermals - Chilly patient
Appetite - normal
Thirst - normal
Micturition - normal
Stool - tendency for constipation
Perspiration - excessive esp. face, neck.
Menstrual History - Menarche at 14 years; 15-20/30-35 days; Flow; heavy, with clots
Desires - spices, sweets
Sleep - normal

Mental Generals:
Restless and irritable
Cries easily
Craves for company
Silent, does not talk easily

General Examination:
Obese, Markedly pale [Hb - 7.8 Gm%]
No Oedema
No Icterus
No significant Lymphadenopathy
Pulse - 76/min, regular, good volume, synchronous
Tongue - coated white

Systemic Examination: Nothing abnormal detected.
Investigations : CBC Hypo chromic Normocytic anemia
USG [Pelvic region] Normal

Repertorization:[Robin Murphy]


Mind, company, general, amel, when


Female, menses, general, profuse


Female, menses, general, cramps during


Female, bearing down, pain, genetalia and uterus-menses, during


Female, discharge, vagina, menses between


Female, pre menstrual syndrome


Female, infertility


Blood, anemia


Food, sweets, desires

After Repertorisation the remedy selected was Sepia

Sepia 200 3 doses x 1day
SL x 4 weeks 
Menses came after 30 days lasting for 10 days. Flow less. Clots less. Dysmenorrhoea same Pre menstrual syndrome same
Sepia 1M 3 doses x1day
Sabina 6 SOS during periods
SL X 4weeks
Menses came after 30 days lasting for 10 days. Flow less. Clots less. Dysmenorrhoea less Premenstrual syndrome less Dosage repeated for next 3 cycles Patient is much better.