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Case Study

Gratifying Results in an Octogenarians
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy

We are starting this as a new series, which will contain outstanding and difficult cases only, which responded dramatically in the shortest possible time. Anyone can contribute to this series. The cases may not necessarily be related to issue- theme. -Editor

The son of an elderly gentleman of 85 came to me on 24-9-98, asking if I could help his 85 yr-old father who had developed prostate Cancer about a month ago and was having a bad time, but refused to get operated. I took the full case from the son only, and have been treating him for 6 weeks without even seeing the patient. The results have been very gratifying. Today the patient is able to move about without a catheter and is able to pass urine freely. (Can we give a photo?) He is happy, sits on a chair, watches the cricket match, eats well and is able to communicate his happiness. Contrast this to the picture 6 weeks ago when I started treatment: he was lying on the bed with a catheter; felt dehumanized and just wanted to die. And what wrought this miracle? One dose of Carcinosin, ably supported by Cantharis and Nux-v for the burning and drop-wise urination and the incontinent stools.

Now the case in detail:
This absolutely healthy man of 85, suddenly felt pain on passing urine, over which he not only lost his control, but it passed in drops only. This was on 19-8-98. Investigations done on 4 -9-98 revealed a hard nodule and an ulcerated lesion at the urethral meatus. All other investigations were Normal; including Abdominal Sonography-which indicated no spread, N- Kidneys, N-Heart and N-BP

Other Symptoms:
Abdomen: burning sensation and Gas more in the morning and night, worse spicy food. Constipation- hard stools - 4-5 /day brought on by lying in bed due to this illness. Frequent cough & bronchitis since many yrs.

Pt as a Person: Lean, balding, wiry, old man weighing only 55, having lost about 10-12 kg I one yr
App: oily3. Spicy 3 Sweets3

Life Story: 1913: Born in Gauhati, Assam. Fa was a Sanskrit Pundit in Calcutta. He was the eldest of 4- 2 girls and 2 boys.
1922: At 13 went to Gauhati to settle. He was a very daring boy. He completed his SSC in Gauhati. Then did 2 yrs course in Calcutta.
1932; at 19 he joined the Dhaka Ayurvedic Pharmacy; Ws doing well. Now luxuries as he head a large family.
1976: After 44 yrs, with it, the company went into liquidation. Pt started his own pvt practice- Ayurveda. Eldest son had to start working. Son joined IDBI in Gauhati; Son 2 had a shop, and did not want to study.
1994 Elder Son was transferred to Bombay IDBI. Parents continued in guhati and were reasonably happy. All children including five daughters were married.
1997 June. Parents came here to son. Went back
Feb 98: patient fell and had to come to Bombay ot operate. Operation was successful, but wife caught TB infection, then fell, got a fracture and died. In one year or rather 8 months, life, which was perfectly healthy, turned topsy-turvy. His wife's death left him grief stricken. In Aug 98 he developed difficulty in passing urine. Cancer was detected. Catheter was put in .He refused operation. His will to live too went down.

Structure: See below.


  1. AF GRIEF: CARC, CAUST,. Gels, Ign. Kali-bi, Lach, Nat-m, Nux-v, Phos-ac, Plat, Stap, Sul.
  2. Prostate Cancer
  3. Pain Carc, canth
  4. Retention with pros enlarged: Canth.puls.




Carc 1M -one dose given


App > Pain 50% > Burning >



Urine better Gen > exc constip+ (Despair + constip.)

Aur-met 200- 1 dose


Hungry. Mood lifting. Wants to remove catheter



Better. Twice blood/ urine./adv Catheter removal. Plan for a Monday, so that if a surgeon required he could reinsert.

Canth 30 qds. In case burning if catheter removed.


Catheter removed. No problems. Passes urine freely. More cheerful. Walks .Sits and watches TV- cricket match. Still under observation.



USG-NAD. Have ordered FN AC.