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Case Study

A Case of Suppression
Praful Vijaykar.
` Lach.

Master I G, 3 1/4 years born in Bombay, suffering from recurrent attacks of Asthmatic bronchitis, was taken for treatment to a successful Homoeopath in Bombay.

Presenting symptom was Dry cough followed by wheezing -.

Worse - Night in sleep, 12 midnight, afternoon in sleep 12 noon, laughing, talking, exertion after, bananas, fruits, chocolates, Pulses and lying down.

He was better while Sitting.

Generally the child was restless, could not sit in one place. A very Intelligent child quick and witty. An example of wit that his father narrated was: "Once his mother was in Dubai and overstayed there the father jokingly told his son lets bring in another mummy to which the child instantly retorted - "Dad, but be careful of AIDS.".

The child was very obstinate mischievous dominating especially on the people at home and servants. He would want everything in place but to be kept by the servants. If his things were misplaced he would throw tantrums and fire mother, grandmother, servants etc. Contrarily the school teacher had a good word to say about him. The child was Quick to grasp, very good and obedient; very playful and mixing in school. Though his concentration was not good, he would always stand 1st in class.

Very Loquacious, loved to make-up stories, combining two or more stories and loved to brag and talk about himself in sleep: would get up suddenly at night and start running here there with an expression of fear and confusion. This has started after he once saw a snake.

Craving - Chocolates, Bananas, Chicken, Spicy, Ice cream.
Aversion - Milk. Thirst for cold water. Desired Hot food.
Intolerance and averse to being kissed, hugged and tight clothes.

24th Jan 91: Child would make strange gestures of trying to remove something from face. Tingling and Twitching persisted.

At this juncture the child was shown to a neurologist who after an EEG diagnosed it as FOCAL EPILEPSY..

Since the Homoeopath had so successfully CURED the childs asthma and allopathy having nothing concrete and permanent to cure such an ailment the Doctor parent took the child back to the same Homoeopath for the treatment of FOCAL EPILEPSY..

In May 1991: The child got severe Seizures, which was then diagnosed as Grand Mal epilepsy.

The Homoeopath then allowed Anti-epileptic drugs along with his treatment but to no avail. The child became dull and started failing in exams.

May 91: MRI was done and the disease was diagnosed as Cysticercosis of brain.
homoeopathy + Phenytoin Sodium was continued.

June, July: Intensity of epileptic attacks reduced but number of attack increased Parent were happy since the attacks were milder though numerous.

Nov 91 and Dec 91: Child got 2 strong, attacks of Status Epilepticus lasting 2 hours.

Treatment: Homoeopathy + Phenytoin Sodium:- Gardenal + Valium.

June 92:

  1. Child was free of Asthma, Joints pain and Urticaria.
  2. Child stopped responding to Homoeopathy and Allopathic anti epileptic drugs.
  3. Intelligent Child became Dull.
  4. Weakness started creeping in his lower extremities and child started dragging his leg.

This was the time the child was brought to me. My observations were-

  1. The previous Homoeopath has taken into consideration only the DISEASE SYMPTOMS while prescribing and not the Mentals and Generals of INDIVIDUAL as a whole.
  2. He had not given importance to the Thermal Modality. The child was HOT and CHILLY drug was prescribed.
  3. The prescription based on state indicating a "State remedy resulted in removing Asthma but brought in Joint pains, urticaria, etc with general deterioration of appetite stools and above all STAMINA. This is a SURE SHOT SUPPRESSION.
  4. The "SUPPRESSION" went on occurring with every state remedy given and diseases in systems and organs in higher and higher level of importance went on appearing.

Asthma (which is functional impairment in respiratory tract) being an Endodermal derivative was relieved leading to Joint pains. (Joints are connective tissue meso-dermal derivative). Joints relieved leading to urticaria (urticaria is cured by Histamine secreted by mast cells or Kinin or serotonin released by the endocrines all of which are embryological derived from mesoderm) causing Disappearance of urticaria give rise to twitching of muscles, tingling on face and to cobweb sensation on face all of which show the involvement of sensory and motor nerves embryological derived from Notochord and Neural plate and finally epileptic seizures showed that the disease has reached the brain (neural plate) The suppression of epilepsy with drugs hs struck at the very basis of organism reducing liveliness making the child dull and finally affecting even walking movements.

All this had systematically occurred and the allopathic explanation was obviously the lesion in the Brain which was space occupying and showing signs of pressure effect.

The question remained why and how did the parasite go into such a deep tissue to infect if and form a cyst in the brain? The obvious Answer is if any disease or infection is to take place in a tissue, whether superficial or deep, the tissues or the systems defense mechanism (immunity) has to have been impaired.

In this case (and All cases of suppression) the Suppression caused impairment of immunity (fighting powers) layer by layer, thereby acting as an invitation to infections by fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria and / or impairment in normal functioning of the organ or system.

The Impaired Immunity which we Homoeopaths should consider as disease (not giving importance to the name of the disease) had already reached the brain tissue thereby allowing a parasite to infect in and cause a cyst around it.

Hence if this child now is to be completely cured or even get better, this "Impaired Immunity" has to be brought down from the brain down the nerves, the organs to the systems; from more important organ to less important organ; Layer-by-Layer from organs of Neural plate to organs of Notochord to mesodermal organs to connective tissues (here the its) to Endodermal organ (here the respiratory tract) and finally to the SKIN.

This bringing down of "Impaired Immunity" i.e. the toxin gradient (caused by impaired immunity and impaired functioning Layer-by-Layer is automatically followed by a "metabolic-gradient. (Which is gradient of supply of Proteins Carbohydrates, salts and health giving materials from all and tissue to tissue).

Hence a Sensation of "Well being" has to be produced when "Metabolite gradient" goes on in the right direction i.e. from (a) up-downward, from (b) More important organ to less important organ (c) from Inside out (d) from centre to periphery (e) and in reverse order of appearance.

THEN and ONLY THEN IS CURE said to Occur!.

This can be brought about only by the right "CONSTITUTIONAL SIMILIMUM" No Remedy selected as a specific (for either asthma or epilepsy etc) nor a state remedy, (which is based on the symptoms of disease and / or based only on Mind or only on physical General or a particular) shall be able to show us the Herings Law come true in the above manner.

In the above mentioned case -

  1. The child was hard on inferiors and soft with superiors. (A childs mother, grandmother, servants at home ie, the people with whom he comes in contact with daily and who he knows never harm him are inferiors. New people and strangers whose powers he does not know are the ones who he thinks as superiors.)
  2. He was quick, Restless would not sit in one place.
  3. He was witty.
  4. He was aggravated during sleep.
  5. Though distinctly hot could bear fan only from a distance.
  6. Could not tolerate tight clothings.
  7. Fear of snakes had precipitated nightmares.
  8. Aggravation on going to sleep at 12 noon and midnight.

CHART: (Seven layers of suppression) (Ref to Note for arrows )


Affection of the basic cell and its basic function of defence, homoeostasis and reproduction.




Pituitary, Adrenals, Thyroid, Ovaries, Parathyroid, Testes.


Viscera, Liver, Heart, Lungs, Spleen, Kidney.


Blood, Lymphatics, Joints, Fascia, Dermomyotome, Peritoneum, Pleura, Pericardium, Dura Mater, Piamater.


Respiratory Tract, GIT, Urinary Tract.


Skin, Cornea, Conjunctiva, Auditory canal, Tympanic membrane, Outer aspect of tonsils, Bile duct, Vagina, Urethra, Anal canal.


Indicates progress of disease in man due to suppression by non-similimum drugs.

Indicates reversal of toxin gradient by nutritive gradient during process of cure.


All this led me to give the child Lachesis 200, single dose. Lachesis is the constitutional similimum ie, it covers the

  1. acute state
  2. the modalities.
  3. basic nature of the child,
  4. differential thermal modality of HOT yet not able to tolerate fan from near.
  5. the desires, aversions, and tolerance and intolerance. Such a

Remedy can rarely fail - as the follow up showed. The childs parents were instructed of dos and dont and of what to expect.

  1. NO RESTRICTIONS ON DIET WHATSOEVER was advised. The child was allowed to take cold drinks, ice cream, chocolates even whatever things she liked though they aggravated him.
  2. ONLY Restriction was NOT TO EAT ANY MINI or menthol Sweets vicks, Halls, Pole, Xahoo, etc.
  3. Instructions were given that the child was not to be ointed anywhere on Skin. No Ointments allopathic or Homoeopathic were allowed. No vicks or Balm or Nilgiri application.
  4. No medicated oils or soaps.
  5. No exposure to pesticide.
  6. No cough syrups or antibiotics to be given. No anti-epileptic drugs to be given.

The parents were told to expect -

  1. Fever on 1st or 2nd day in first week.
  2. Improvement in Activity of the child. The Dullness and tiredness would go first. Legs shall show improvement.
  3. Epileptic seizures would increase in intensity but reduce in pregnancy in 15 days, child shall start tolerating Ice Cream, Cold Drinks, Chocolate, etc.
  4. As Epileptic seizures would stop a mild attack of urticaria followed by few days of joint pain would come and go.
  5. Asthma would reappear after a month or so. The parents were warned not to treat the asthma and leave it alone.
  6. Asthma would subside and sneezing and coryza would appear - not to be treated.
  7. Finally after a year or so Skin rash should appear.
  8. Regular follow up scanning of Brain every 3 months.


1st Week-The child had rise in temperature - not treated.
3rd Week-The child had become more active. The legs which used to drag were better. The child had no convulsions only slight twitchings. Cobweb sensation on face gone. The child could tolerate Icecream and had no problem after that.
5th Week-Urticaria of less intensity appeared. It was more on lower extremities and face and trunk had very less of it. Child was much livelier, active, and had started cracking jokes again. No convulsion or ticks. Appetite improved, stool-normal. Child does not tire easily.
7th Week-No convulsions or Ticks or abnormal gestures. Child Active, felt like studying sleeps well. Eats well. Ate Icecream practically every alternate day without bad effects. Complaints of joints pains, which reduced first in hands and then in legs.
8th Week-Asthmatic attack of very milk intensity but the child was not upset and was playing inspite of the wheeze. App, Stools, Sleep-normal. The MRI Scan showed a reduction in size of Cyst in brain.
10th Week-Sneezing and Coryza started with general sensation of well-being.
12th Week-Slight wheeze came back on being questioned was found to be after the child had consumed menthol (polo) tabs.
16th Week-Generally.
20th Week-MRI showed disappearance of cyst completely with slight calcifications. No Asthma, No urticaria, No Joint pains.
24th Week-Appearance of Skin lesion.
28th Week-Skin lesions persisted on hands much to the discomfort of father who is a Skin Specialist. Inspite of being warned the father along with consultation of another Skin Specialist thinking it to be opportunistic infection gave on application of some ointment within 24 hours the child started wheezing. The child again become dull, and lost appetite by Lach 200 1 dose.
30th Week-Lesions reappeared on hands. New in Appeared on legs. Child was Active again, with increase in appetite by Placebo.
12th months-Later all except few lesions on legs (left foot) have disappeared. The child can enjoy all food items.