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Case Study

A Case of Generalised Seizures
Sujata Jalgaonkar.
` Cupr.

A 25 years old girl was brought to me by her younger sister on 19th March 1990. The patient, a slow learner, suffered from convulsions since the age of 2 years. The convulsions came 2-3 times a day.

The episode of convulsion starts with twitching of muscles then thumb gets clenched and the whole body starts jerking, lasting for 1-2 minutes. The patient then lapses into a semiconscious or unconscious state for some time. There is no incontinence of urine or stool.

No aggravating or ameliorating modalities could be elicited.
Birth - FTND. There was mild physiological jaundice. There were no complaints till 2 years of age after which the patient got her first convulsion. Details about the treatment given then are not known. There is no known history of fever or trauma. At the age of 5-6 years, convulsions started again and have continued till date, every 10-15 days, inspite of being on allopathic treatment.

Since the last 8-10 months the patient was on Homoeopathic treatment from some other Homoeopath, had stopped allopathic medicines and she was better with Homoeopathic treatment as the convulsions were at longer intervals of 1-2 months. But from last 20 days there has been an aggravation. No causative factor for aggravation could be elicited.


Patient as a person is a fair, pale, beautiful girl of medium height and built.
Craving - Rich oily food; spicy; juicy fruits.
Aversion - Milk
Thirst - Less, takes water only with food.
Stools - occasionally constipation.
Perspiration - NAD
Menstrual History - Before menses and after menses there are convulsions.

FAMILY HISTORY: Fa Kochs, Now Diabetes and hypertension.
PAST HISTORY: No H/O Trauma, Intracranial Infection or Kochs.
LIFE SITUATION: Patient comes from a poor family, the third among 6 sisters and a brother. Both the elder sisters are married. Father retired. Brother works as a salesman. her two younger sisters are also working. The patient is a slow learner and is educated upto 5th standard. She is irritable, headstrong, religious and touchy.

INVESTIGATIONS: EEG done in 1979 shows abnormalities with spike and wave discharge over U temporal region and is diagnosed as a case of epilepsy with Generalized seizures.


Acute totality of these symptoms

  1. Convulsions starting with twitching of muscles.
  2. Thumbs are clenched.
  3. Contractions with jerking.
  4. Convulsions followed by a state of unconsciousness.

So on 19/3/90 patient was given Cup-met 30, 3 hourly on totality of acute symptoms and called after 4 days.

Date Symptoms Treatment

24/3/90 Convulsions still there, but only Cup met 30.once a day and decreased in 3 hourly.intensity.
30/3/90 In 7 days only 4 convulsions. ct all.
This time patient had come alone.and was talking about family. problems and weeping.
13/4/90 Sister reported, patient was better Puls 200 4 doses.till 11th but 11th 12th 2-4 times daily night.per day. Patient got her periods.on 12/4/90. Cup-m 3 hrly
20/4/90 > convulsions only once in 2-3 days. Puls 200 4 HS.
Cup met 30 4 hourly
30/4/90 Only twice in last 2 days. At Tub-b 1M 1 HS.this time an intercurrent based Cup met 30 4 hourly.on Miasm to be thought of.
9/5/90 Only once in last 9 days. Puls 200 4 doses.
Cup met 30 tds
16/7/90 No convulsions, even during Cup met 30 tds.
Menstrual cycle. Since then Puls 1 M HS.patient is on same medicines, Intercurrent.now convulsions are once in 6 Tub 1 M - mthly.months to 8 months. doses of.

Currently patient is on.

Cup-met 30 tds and intercurrent doses of Tub 1M.In between when Cup-m was stopped.frequency of convulsions had increased.

Therefore now Cup is given continuously.