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Case Study

Importance Of Keynotes
Balakrishnan E.
` Lyss / Zinc / Cic.


A girl aged 15 years had been getting epileptic fits, almost every month, for the last more than 8 (eight) years and she had been taking Garoin, Gardinal and such other drugs regularly which helped in reducing the violence of attacks and also in increasing the gap between attacks.

She was placed on Homoeopathic treatment and as per symptoms she was given various drugs, during the course of more than a year, but without any benefit.

With a view to reviewing the case, during one of her visits to the clinic, her parents were also called in. During the detailed case-taking, it was revealed that during pregnancy the patients mother was bitten by a stray dog and she had to take a series of injections for the dog-bite.

Repertorial Rubrics:

  1. KR 1351 - Convulsions-Lyss
  2. KR 1353 - Epileptic-Lyss.

Based on this revelation, the patient was given Lyssin 1000 for 3 (three) days. The patient suffered no attacks since then, till date.

The case clearly illustrates, that while taking the case, we have to dive deep to get at the miasmatic background which, when removed, would relieve the patient of all the suffering.

CASE 2: A sprightly young girl of 7 years suffered from fits from the age of 5 years, when she developed high fever with convulsions. Subsequently, she used to get fits very frequently without fever or any other complaint and she was being given Gardinal 30 mg twice a day, regularly.

In spite of all the allopathic treatment the girl used to get the complaint twice or thrice in a month.

The parents wanted to try Homoeopathic treatment. They took the girl with them for consultation. While entering the clinic, the girl was seen carrying with her a pillow, like a toy. The parents explained that she almost always carried the pillow with her and it has become a habit.

Another funny thing also happened while taking the case; any question put to her, she repeated the same question, without giving a proper reply.

Without going further in noting the details of the case, based upon the keynote symptom "child repeats everything said to it" (Allens Keynotes) she was given.

Zinc-met 200, 3 Doses (daily 1 Dose at Bedtime) and after about 10 days, Zinc-met 1000, 2 Doses were given (12 hours apart).
Repertorial Rubrics: KR 1352 - Convulsions, children - ZINC.

A marvelous cure was the result; the child did not suffer from the convulsive fits attack since taking the first dose of Zinc-met.

CASE 3: A 42 year old male patient was suffering from frequent attacks of Epileptic fits for many years and had been regularly taking allopathic medicines viz Tegretol 200 mg and Eptoin

In spite of taking the above medicines he used to get the attack off and on. Further, he had many adverse reactions as well, by taking the said medicines. To see if a change of medical system would be of help, he came in for Homoeopathic treatment.

Since he used to get violent attacks and sudden withdrawal of allopathic medicines may play havoc, he was given Homoeopathic medicines side by side.

After a detailed case-taking, various drugs were tried as per the symptoms presented.

As nothing much could be achieved despite taking prolonged Homoeopathic treatment, it was decided to review the case, and at this time he reported having had a traumatic injury, during his studies, around the age of 20, when he had a fall from the staircase and had to remain in the nursing home for 2 (two) days for complete recovery.

On the basis that the head injury must have been the cause of the Epileptic fits, he was given Cicuta 1000 - few doses and Oenanthus-crocata Q 20 gtt in water thrice daily.

Remarkable improvement set in a nd the Allopathic drugs were withdrawn, gradually and by stages.

After a period of about 4 (four) months, Allopathic medicines could be withdrawn totally. He was relieved of all complaints and was taking only Oenanthus-crocata Qregularly for some months.