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Case Study

Ear Disorders Cure by the Masters
Kulay F M.
` Sulph / Nit-ac / Puls / Oleum-j / Petr v / Lyco / Sanic.

The testimony of the Clinic (B Jain 1992, Pg 24):

Dr. Hoynes case-Mr A, age 49, deafness in the right ear for twenty years; in the left ear for five years. Hears no conversation except upon a high key and that only when very near. Sensation of heavy pressure and heat at the vertex extending to both ears with soreness of the brain. Soles burning at night, Hot flushes on the face followed by cold sweat, constipation, faintness at 10 or 11 a.m. Sulphur 300 was given for twelve days with little improvement. Sulphur 6000 was followed by restoration of left ear and relief from soreness and pressure at the vertex. The hearing in the right ear was slowly restored.

A Reflection: Considering the symptoms Dr Hoyne prescribed Sulphur 300 without results. He then gave Sulphur 6000 and desirable results followed. Dr. Kent had said about an Arsenic case which responded to a different potency given later that the SIMILLIMUM was not Arsenic alone but Arsenic in so and so potency. I disagree. Dr. Hoyne gave Sulphur 300 for twelve days. Why? Dr Nash does not report how many doses of 6000 were given by Dr Hoyne. Rigmarole! Sul300 (or 6, or 12 or 30) would have worked and 6000 had to UNDO the overdosing. A correctly chosen remedy works in any potency above the SIX the Mastication Law of God exceptions apart. If the taste of the pudding lies in eating then I write about it after eating. Many years ago my ECG had shown Ischaemic Heart Disease. I continued smoking. One evening I had pangs of pains in the cardiac region. I felt genuinely distressed and could hardly take my mind away from it while prescribing for my patients. In a swift analysis I combined SHYNESS WORSE ASCENDING (dyspnoea) OCCASIONAL EXPERIENCE OF NUMBNESS OF GENITALS WHILE SITTING FOR LONG. I decided to take Coca 200 but there was only Coca 6 in my stock. Willy nilly I took it and lo! I was free from the pain in four or five minutes. I went for an ECG the next day smoking as usual.

There was no trace of IHD.

George Vithoulkas has developed unawares an INTUITIVE perception which he stoutly and rightly denies. He has said somewhere (?)

that infants screaming with pain often suffer from earache rather than stomach ache. Give Chamomilla (?) but only if he is NASTY and non-constipated if not diarrhoeic & not otherwise.

Given below are excerpts from Kents minor writings on Homoeopathy compiled and edited by Dr K.H. Gypser (B Jain publishers-1988).

Case 1:

C N, a sprightly little girl, two years old; Symptoms- yellowish white discharge from left ear, profuse lachrymation from right eye and some white clear mucus flowing over the eye-lid and cheek that seemed to be blood. The under lid of right eye appeared like a water-bag and the whole face was puffed and rather transparent, the right was much the worse of the two. The child looked sickly and cried much. The mother stated that it had not been well for several weeks. While thinking over Apis and Ars I began to look for aggravated by warmth etc. When I was informed that the child could not endure any covering and she was absolutely thirstless which excluded Arsenic from further consideration. The mother believed the urine to be scanty but she was not certain but says she "Her water smells strong like that of a horse".

Treatment-Nit-ac., one dose and we soon cured the case. The ear discharge and all disappeared in the surprisingly short time of a few days That was not a case of acute Bright;s disease following scarlet fever but much like it. Every physician living in this malarial climate must have observed the same anasarca and otorrhoea following malarial attacks home treated or neglected. The dropsical condition follows all kinds of malarial attacks and particularly this ear complication associated with kidney disease. But will some astute pathologist inform me why Nitric acid cured this case so promptly if on other grounds than that it was the simillimum? These cases all die when not properly treated! They all recover promptly on a few doses of the appropriate remedy.

Case 2:

Miss E. B. aged 35. Deafness; cannot understand except when watching the motion of lips. Can only speak in a whisper. Deafness and aphonia of many years standing but has been whispering for four years. Accumulation of yellow thick phlegm in throat especially in the morning. Burning feet and ankles. Warm room suffocates and flushes face. Fast walking caused faintness and flushes the face.

All kinds of bodily exertion heats her up and suffocation follows with purplish red face. Fast motion is quite impossible. Brown spots on the face. Constant swallowing.

Treatment-9th May-Pulsatilla 15M (I).

July 15-Voice mostly recovered; hearing only slightly improved. Can take active exercise without flushing. Ankles become very weak they turn when walking otherwise steadily improving. No medicine.

September 13.-The only symptoms left are deafness which has not improved and weak ankles.

Pulsatilla CM. Ankles became strong, Remained very well except that there was no change in deafness.

Case 3:

A little girl aged six years has never thrived , has looked pale and sickly. Had scarlet fever when three years old since which time she has had foetid discharges from right ear and both sides of nose. Child emaciated, face looks old and wrinkled and is covered with long white hair. Tongue smooth and raw. Has had watery diarrhea for the last year. Ravenous appetite but food does no good. Everything eaten goes right through as taken. Urine is seldom passed naturally but dribbles. Child always chilly and wants to be covered. Great thirst but the water seems to run off at the bowels. Mother says cough has recently appeared which is dry and attended with retching. Child cries and moans constantly, kept awake all night by the cough which does no good. For the last two years she has had a greenish-yellow leucorrhoea.

Treatment-After a careful study of the materia medica Oleum-jecoris-aselli was settled upon which was given in the 10M. (FC) potency. Over twenty days passed before I could really conclude she was better. The child began to rest at night; then the discharges became more copious; then there was no appetite even an aversion to all food, but in spite of this the child improved and gained flesh. While she had an aversion to food she would take fruit which seemed to agree. After a month the stools were formed and she had lost the aged look and the long white silky hair that had grown on the face disappeared. She steadily improved until she became a healthy looking and active girl. Only one symptom of any importance now present is constipation which in time may be perfectly manageable. She has had other remedies lately but only for the constipation as the Oleum-jecoris has brought her to the present state. It was necessary to give it about once in three months and the same potency did all the work. The 200 and 100 failed to act but the 10M. always acted promptly.

Case 4:

A sickly man aged about forty came with eruption behind the ears, moist, crusty and itching. Diarrhoea with marked hunger after stool. Excitable; restless. Restless sleep; bad dreams. Left testis tubercular. Scrotum moist and itching.

Treatment-Petroleum at long intervals cured the case completely.

Case 5:

Mrs SC, age 50 large, fleshy, English. Has three children. Deafness worse in right ear which was steadily increasing, better when takes cold, hears better when the train on which she is travelling is in motion, does not hear any one knocking at her door. Ringing in head like the bell on a train when she had a cold something a popping in right ear, not startled by any noises. Dizzy on the street light, had fears she may fall. Tired much of the time. Gone feeling in stomach, empty right after eating. Feels shaky stumbles walking across floor clumsy. Goitre right side large as two fists 15 years since last child was born. Sometimes a clot of blood with it, no odor to discharge, sense of smell not impaired. Mouth bad taste morning on walking gets very dry any time of day better by swallow of water. Eyes weak all her life; since 12 years of age worn glasses; 10 years sight blurred. Tired tires easily. Sleep good Company tires her very much. Like to be out of doors but likes a warm room and no draft, takes cold easily. Food a mouthful will come up after a meal and spits it out; fat causes vomiting, craves sweets, candy, sugar. No desire for acids. Stool normal. Not nervous about anything. Great talker.

Treatment-Lycopodium 10M. Five weeks after the remedy was given she made the following report. Diarrhoea for 24 hours; many stools; ears and hearing much improved, less tired works in house with less fatigue.

Clear head and nose easier no ringing in ears very little belching of food, no stumbling while walking no clumsiness.

Much better in every way.


In nine weeks she reported again-"Goitre much smaller, hearing improved. Numbness in finger tips of left hand. Deafness right ear".

Treatment-Lycopodium 10M

No report for five months. Was in a hospital with typhoid fever. Hands get numb in bed at night. Worse in the right hand. Worse keeping still. Knees stiff o n rising. Back-stiffness at the waist line, rising from seat. Belching since she came home from the hospital. Catarrh., discharge streaked with blood feels best when moving about.

Treatment-Lycopodium 50M.

In a little over three months she reports-"Much improvement. Just one goitre, gone after treatment".

Case 6:

Miss WLC, aged 35 is a nurse and has had been treated since many years with allopathic medicines. Has had violent drugging and is unable to earn a living.

Deafness in both the ears due to quinine.

Perspires easily from exertion.

Quinine-Amm-m., At-t, ARN, Ars, asaf, Bell, ALL-C, caps, CARB-V, cina, cop, dig, FERR, FERR-A, Gels, hell, IPEC, Lach, merc, NAT-MUR, nux-v., Phos-ac, phos, plb,., PULS, samb, Sep, stan, sul-ac., Sulph, verat Perspires on slight exertion-Ars, CALC, caps, carb-v., FERR, ferr-ars, Gels, lach, Merc, Nat-m., PHOS, SEP, stan., SULPH, sul-ac, verat.

Impaired hearing-Ars, CALC, caps, CARB-V., Ferr, ferr-ar, Gels, Lach, Merc, NAT-M., phos, Sep, SULPH, Sul-ac, verat.

Ears roaring in-Ars, Calc, CARB-V, Ferr, ferr-ar, Gels, Lach, Merc., NAT-M., phos, Sep, SULPH, Sul-ac., verat.

Ears ringing-Ars, CALC, CARB-V, Ferr, Lach, Merc, Nat-m., Phos., SEP, SULPH, sul-ac., verat.

Ears buzzing-Ars., Calc, Carb-v., Lach, Nat-m., PHOS, Sep, Sulph, sul-ac.

Impaired hearing human voice-Ars, PHOS, SULPH.

Taste bitter-ARS, CALC, CARB-V., Lach, NAT-M, Phos., Sep, SULPH.

Catarrh of nose-ARS, CALC, CARB-V., LACH., NAT-M., Phos., SEP., SULPH.

Desire fresh air-Ars, CARB-V., Lach, Nat-m., phos. sep., SULPH.

Walking in open air amel-Carb-v., nat-m, phos, sep, Sulph.

Warm room aggravates-Carb-v., Nat-m., Phos, Sulph,

Treatment-Sulphur 10M and on through a series of potencies has made a radical change for the better. She is now able to earn a living.

Case 7:

A case of long standing constipation. Stool large, hard and difficult to expel. She goes once in four to six days with no desire for stool and then strains such that she perspires all over and the a little stool is expelled. The left Ear is deaf and the left Eustachian tube is closed.

Treatment-Sanicula 10M cured this with no need for repetition.


  1. Discharge from right ear, spasms with stupor, vomiting of milk-Aethusa.
  2. Skin itches all over. Skin rough and dry. Tickling and itching in the left ear. Nose stopped up. Sneezing copious watery flow from the nose. Cutting pains in the eyes and malar bones-Anagallis-arvensis.

Reflection on Kents Cases:

  1. Caught between Apis and Arsenic in Case 1. Kent eliminated Arsenic but when the mother provided the information about the odour of urine as of a horses he changed the prescription to Nitric acid. The second para is important.
  2. In Case 2 how candid of Kent to report improvement "except the deafness."
  3. In Case 3, I think attention was drawn to Oleum-j by "covered with long, white hair." It was then found that the case was similar to Oleum-j.
  4. In Case 4 of Petroleum-"Diarrhoea with marked hunger after stool" seems to have helped to direct the attention to the remedy.
  5. In Case 7, Sanicula 10M worked. The prescription must have been based on the stool symptoms for nowhere under Sanicula is found a single ear symptom. I have always failed with Sanicula perhaps because I have failed to get its essence. I must work harder.