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Case Study

The Fashionable Ear
Rozina Zaheer.
` Stann.

Since times immemorial fashion always kept on changing something and recycling; forgotten for years comes up again and becomes the latest.

So too, the practice of piercing one s earlobes multiple times has today become fashionable in both sexes. This at times can give rise to infection or non healing ulcers which mostly are easily treated but at times can create serious problems.

I recall one of my college friends, who had her ear lobes pierced at five different sites and subsequently developed infection resulting in regional lymphadenitis and nodular swelling around each ear-hole.

She was prescribed Bell, Thuja Sil respectively but to no effect, She was tense, sad dull and depressed. She had developed other symptoms like-

  1. Headache worse heat of sun.
  2. Headache worse rising from seat
  3. Pain appeared gradually and disappeared gradually.
  4. Difficult Respiration worse on ascending.

Taking into account the above symptoms, my father Dr Mirza A Baig suggested two remedies Stannum-met and Lachesis, the literature of which can be found in the Encyclopedia of Materia Medica by Hering, Dr Hering mentions about the ulcers of ear arising after earhole. This can also be confirmed in Knerrs Repertory on page 241 in the section on Ear, where we have a Rubric stating ulcers of Earhole-Lach and Stann.

Stannum was elected as it also covered her problems of headache and respiratory difficulty and general modalities, whereas there were not any symptoms so as to match Lachesis. One dose of Stannum-met 200 was sufficient and the swelling and nodules all disappeared.