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Manjusha Vad.
` Cupress / Dtperpol.


A female, aged 58, caught a severe cold on November 17, 1929. Deafness followed as a result. She could only hear spoken voice with difficulty; could hardly hear the ticking of the clock or the front door bell. Dr F. J. Wheeler prescribed Cupressus 3X, a few drops in a glass of water, a dessertspoon of it be taken 2 hourly. From the next day her hearing started improving while there was a thick greenish mucoid discharge from throat. Thereafter she could hear much better. In the next two days her hearing further improved and she could hear the front door bell. On 3rd Dec Cupressus 3x was repeated and in a fortnight her hearing improved and she declared that it was even better than before she caught the cold. On physical examination the inflamed area around the drum with ulceration, also cleared by Dec 18th.

(Dr F. J. Wheeler)


A male aged 72 years consulted Dr Wheeler for his deafness in 1928. Various remedies were prescribed upto October 1929 without permanent result. On November 23, 1929 three powders of Cupressus 3x were given to be taken at bedtime. Gradually the hearing improved and became practically normal and his nervousness had ceased. He could hear the clock strike and also "hear anything".

(Dr F. J. Wheeler)

A Note on Cupressus 3x.

This remedy was introduced by Dr Edward Bach, who developed the floral medicines and Bowel Nosodes. It is useful in chronic catarrh and its sequelae especially if the infection is of the staphylococcal type and it is of service in nasal passages, eustachian tubes, middle ear and frontal sinuses; headache is associated with catarrh and it is a prophylactic against colds. If given early it will abort the attack of cold. More striking are the cures of chronic deafness of longstanding following middle ear disease, with this remedy. Apart from Dr. Wheeler whose two cases are reported above, Dr. Hayes has used this remedy in many cases of chronic middle ear diseases and deafness. It is not known whether it is available in India.


Eileen was 11 months old when she was brought for treatment for chronic cold from birth. During the first few weeks she cried every evening, probably from cramps in the abdomen. At 5th month she developed a projectile watery diarrhoea which lasted a fortnight, At eight months she developed otitis media with purulent discharges but without pain. Fever was above 40 C. Despite antibiotics she developed otitis media three more times. She also had vomiting, watery diarrhoea and a moderate fever. When she was ill she smelled sour. She had received DTP shots without any adverse reactions. On 15th of April she got her fourth DTP shot and she caught cold 14 days later; her eyes were full of pus. Finally she had otitis media with rupture of the drum. She had discharges from both the ears and her nose. At the time of second consultation, the doctor taking the full history realised that the childs problems were caused by vaccinations. He gave Dtperpol 30, 200 and 1 M and XM over four days. In 3 weeks the mother reported that all her illnesses had vanished. There had been no relapse. (Dr Tinus Smits).

Dr. Smits says that children often develop chronic problems such as otitis media, colds coughs, bronchitis, asthma and eczema following immunizations. In his view post vaccinal complaints cannot always be cured using the potentised vaccine but in majority of the cases using such remedy gives excellent results. It is not possible to say how long it takes for the effects of the vaccinations to become engrafted onto the vital force but if the child is treated within one year with potentised vaccine it is almost always successful.


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