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Case Study

The Unseeing Prejudiced Eye
Dr [Ms] Meena T Mankani
'Kali-brom / Phos / Phos-ac / Staph

"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" -so goes the famous proverb implicating the well known fact that the external eye "sees" what it is "told to see" by the inner eye. The inner eye - the opinionated, external eye to "see" the world as per its own inborn, rigid norms and beliefs, thus forming insurmountable blocks [unhealthy attitudes] in the way of healthy and unprejudiced outlook to life. 

The human eye, besides being every poet's first blushing love, is a masterpiece of design and expression. In fact, a pair of beautiful fluttering eyes is a dream of every youthful heart. These magnificent twin cameras, aptly known as "the windows of the soul" are certainly the unfailing friends of every astutely observing physician, who is trained to catch all the momentary fleeting expressions that keep clicking and pointing towards the best indicated remedy. It is not for a seriously observing Homoeopath to miss out the restless guilty eyes of Kali-brom, or the watchful agile eyes of Phos or for that matter, the deep set culpable eyes of Phos acid and Staph, if he has to bring back the suffering sick to blooming health. 

We all live in this illusionary world with our own individual set of belief and thought patterns. Therefore, so many times, due to our preconceived notions [prejudice], we 'see' only what we 'want' to see and not that what we 'ought' to see. By being opinionated, we create huge barriers around us. And by doing so, we lose the reality. There from arises sickness. It is when our inner eye gets diseased that our outer eye follows suit and perceives accordingly, hence forming faulty opinions [toxic thoughts] and suffering therefrom. We have seen so many times in our practice, that by just trying to slightly rectify a certain thought pattern, we can easily bring back the person to health with minimal medication. The blocks [toxic thoughts] get flushed out and a surge of health soon follows. 

I shall illustrate this point with a case.
A newly married young girl of 21 years came to me with a host of vague complaints, the chief one being a 'strong hatred' towards her crooked mother-in-law [MIL] She said, " My MIL is like any other MIL, MIL's are meant to be mean and selfish and that is exactly what she is. These jealous lots are made to criticize and put down their innocent daughters in law. That is what they are born for" 

Now, the MIL was also our patient. We had a fair idea as to what sort of a person she was. Knowing both the sides we could 'objectively see' that the young lady's vision was totally blocked by her opinionated mind, owing to the cruel behavior meted to her own mother at the hands of her MIL. So besides giving the indicated remedy, we planned to counsel her and put her on the track of logical unbiased healthy thinking that would enable her to overcome her illusionary mental blocks. She was gently but firmly exposed to her fallacy and was explained with various examples that a MIL can also be a most affectionate person that one could fondly cherish. 

She was made to realize that she 'saw' in her MIL her preconceived notions - what she WANTED TO SEE, rather than what she actually OUGHT TO SEE of her as a normal human being- as one being full of the natural human foibles. And gradually with great effort, she started SEEING things in their right perspective. The blockages were removed and she was enabled to look beyond what was apparently seen [ie known to her], and in course of time a mutually enriching relationship was formed between the affectionate and tolerant MIL and the new understanding daughter-in-law. 

And for me, as a physician, this was a no mean achievement - not less than realizing the highest ideal of cure.