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Case Study

The Envious Eye
Dr (Mrs.) Nina Doshi

9-year old child K came with the following complaints:
1. Recurrent styes - alternate eyes.
2. Hair fall, in bunches since 1 year; after she had chicken pox with tendency to lice in her hair.
3. Increased hair growth all over the body.
4. Irritation and itching at the nape of the neck.
5. Recurrent colds with marked snuffles.
6. Increased frequency of urination before leaving the house.
7. P/H repeated ear infection with defective hearing.
8. Allergic to artificial jewellery.
9. Chronic hoarseness and loss of voice-due to shrieking and cold drinks 

Synopsis Of The Case
Aversion to sweets; 
Desire - spicy, ice creams and cold drinks; Sweats +++- non offensive.
Thermals - Constantly feels very hot and wants a fast fan - removes her clothes and lies like a crocodile (Sulph, Hep, Sanicula)

Mentals - Irritable, stubborn, disobedient, easily "cries" although eldest child in a joint family. Fights and snatches things away from the younger ones. Argumentative, careful, curious, childish. Likes cleanliness and things in proper place. Cleans her hand frequently. Brilliant in studies. Sympathetic when someone is not well. Dances endlessly. H/o sudden fear of being accosted by a burglar, fear of being strangled. H/O passing urine in fright. Anxious and afraid of punishment when she makes a mistake. Saves money, does not discard things easily. Collects, plays outside or with dolls. 

Apis-mel 1M in infrequent doses. Good improvement in nervous anxiety and hairfall and there has been no occurrence of styes since then.
Phatak's description of Apis correlated with the patient's symptoms: Ill effects of fright, jealousy, mental shock, suppressed eruption. Fussy and fidgety - washes her hands, cleans up the house. Keeps things in their proper places. Childish (though the eldest in family) Absent-minded: Sometimes forgets to put off the gas when diverted to something else. Irritable. Very tearful. Nothing seems to satisfy, all wrong and out of place.
Urine - profuse, more than water intake.