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Case Study

Acute cases
Dr (Mrs) Sayali Prabhu
'Arn / Symph / Sil / Euph / Argn / Euph / Arn

The popular concept that homoeopathy is wonderful for chronic disease is, according to me not wholly correct. Homoeopathy is wonderful for acute diseases as well. I have had remarkable results especially in eye problems. 

Case 1
Mrs SMP, 35, came in great pain- her Rt eye closed and with profusely lachrymating. Her son had poked a sharp wooden stick.

To begin with it was difficult to examine her eye. So I first gave her Arnica 10 M. After a few minutes, she was able to open her eye, the lachrymation was reduced and she was comfortable. The eye was red indicating haemorrhage. I repeated Arnica 10 M 3 doses in 15 minute intervals, followed by Symphytum 10 M to be taken 2 hourly.

Next day, the redness had totally disappeared and there was no lachrymation. Her ophthalmologist was surprised! Here, Arnica treated the blow and Symphytum, well known for its action, treated the eye. 

Case 2
A friend had a sand particle lodged in her eye one stormy evening. Washing the eye had no effect. The eye was red with stitching pain and lachrymation. I gave her 1 dose of Sil 30 and asked her to lie down with her eyes close. After 10 minutes, the particle came out on the inner cantus. Here, Sil showed its power of expelling the foreign body. 

Case 3
A year ago, there was an epidemic of conjunctivitis. I used Euphrasia 200 as a prophylactic and Euphrasia 1 M as a curative drug. A number of friends and relatives were saved from the attack. 

Case 4
A one day old baby was suffering from Ophthalmia Neo-natrum with thick, greenish yellow discharge from its left eye with slightly reddish eyelids and photophobia. Arg-nit 200 was given thrice in a 3 hourly intervals with wiping of the discharge frequently with plain boiled water containing 2 drops of Arg-nit dilution. The baby was perfectly all right on the 3rd day of its life! This baby was my own daughter. Arg-nit is well known for its action in opthalmia neonatrum. 

Case 5
My mother complained of difficulty in reading - the letters seemed hazy and she also had difficulty in identifying distant faces. The ophthalmologist diag-nosed it as a central cataract developing in her left eye. My mother immediately became tense and her BP shot up to 170/100 mm of Hg. A dose of Ignatia 1M brought her BP down to 140/90 mm of Hg. For the cataract, Cineraria eye drops were started with 1 drop daily to now 4 drops daily with the biochemic durgs Nat-mur 6x, Calc-fluor 6x, Calc-phos 6x and Kali-phos 6x - 1 tablet each 3 times a day in warm water ( I got this reference from Homoeopathic Preventive Medicine for Common Diseases by Dr Arneja and Dr Manmohan Singh while I was a student).

After 9 months, her eyes were checked - the cataract had not developed further. Cineraria has a very good effect on cataracts, either dissolving them or arresting their growth. 

Case 6
An old lady of 75 came with profuse lachrymation in both eyes. With Euphrasia 200 4pills 4 times a day the lachrymation stopped. After 5-6 months, the complaint recurred. Euphrasia 200 in the same dosage had no effect for 4 days. Then Euphrasia 1M was given with instructions to pump the tear glands and ducts. Little AMEL. Pulsatilla 200, 2 pills 3-hourly were given. After 2 days, the lachrymation stopped. Pulsatilla is good for lachrymation and follows well after Euphrasia. 

Case 7
Master PMS, 13 years of age, came after a blow to his right eye with a cricket ball. The symptoms were only pain in the eye. I gave him Arnica 1M, 4 pills every 15 minutes. The boy was all right after 2 doses.

So we see that Homoeopathic remedies do have miraculous power and the capacity to cure diseases of the small organ, the eye!