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Case Study

My first experience in Homoeopathy
Dr Prashant Gangwal

I am writing my First Experience of Homoeopathy for NJH. It is my pleasure because NJH is one of the best international journals for sharing knowledge.

My father was having well-settled allopathic practice. So the sole and only aim of my admission in the college for BHMS was to gain a degree to carry forward the practice of my father. That is why, I started allopathic practice from my first year of BHMS.

When I was in 2nd BHMS, a case of Acute Tonsillitis came to me for advice. He was wearing a sweater and scarf. I was surprised because it was summer.

Patient was having

·         Sensation of something lodged in throat with difficulty in swallowing, pulsating pain and stitching in throat.

·         High-grade fever with chills, < Slightest draft of air

·         Severe headache of pulsating type > tight bandaging and bending forward.

·         Dry skin

Patient was highly irritable and quarrelsome.
I started searching a similimum for the case by reading the materia medica.
At that moment, Belladona came in my mind. I read Belladona, but noticed that ‘Redness’, the key feature, was not present in this patient. Also, I read Phytolacca, in which severe throat pain which radiate to the ear and chest. Sensation of burning in throat as if coal of fire or red-hot iron is placed with marked dryness. Which also was not seen in the patient.
Patient was having dusky dry face with quarrelsome nature and sensation as if something lodged in throat, with chilliness and sensitive to draft of air are suggestive of Hepar-sulph.

So, I decided to give a single dose of Hepar-sulph 30 and told him to report the next morning.
Next day, patient came to me saying that ‘I am absolutely OK’.
Yesterday after taking the medicine, pulsation started in my throat then I got sleep and I woke in the morning feeling fresh and I forgot that yesterday I was suffering from tonsillitis. He was very happy, just as I.

This incidence encouraged me to do Homoeopathic Practice. Now, after 15 years of my Homoeopathic experience which are I dare to say that more than 90% cases of tonsillitis suggested surgery, can be avoided with Homoeopathic treatment. Such is the beauty of Homoeopathy.