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Case Study

How can I teach my daughters?
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
Dr Sushma Jaiswal

Mrs AP, 37yrs Gujarati Housewife Residing at Breach Candy – an up-market area of Mumbai, came to me on 15th Jan 03. She brought me a beautiful written history, describing her whole life, hiding nothing.

Chief Complaints
1) Throat: Hoarseness. Irritation in the throat. In the morning voice decreased < till 10 am. Then better as the day progresses. While talking suddenly one word disappears. < Bent neck. < Sudden straining. < dust. Advised to keep her volume low and to talk less.
2) Headache: Temporal, Supraorbital, Vertex Region. Throbbing pain with dizziness and nausea < Hot weather, < fasting, < sun3.

Patient as a Person
Ht: 5’ 4"
Wt: 57.7 kgs
Sensitive to strong odors
Skin: Tans easily
Perspiration: Scanty on nose and upper lips
Thirst: Scanty 2-3 glass/day
Appetite: Normal
Craving: Sweets3, Sour3
Aversion: Bitter
Stool: Normal
Urine: Normal
Sleep: Normal
Thermals: Hot

Past History: Measles, Chicken-pox

Menstrual History: 4/30. Regular. Breast heaviness and sensitive to touch < Before and During Menses.
P/H menses were very irregular .Difficulty in conceiving. Was on heavy fertility treatment for years. Eventually conceived after stopping all treatment.

Life Situation
15/9/1965: Born
1968: Very active in academics and in extra curricular studies
1981: 10th Std 80%
1983: 12th Std 85%
Educated in Chennai. She hailed from a professional business family with a sprawling bungalow. Her grandparents had liveried staff. So they were like British aristocracy.
In college she developed a relationship, but then decided not to remain committed so that she could stay free to do an MBA in London.
Returned from London, much mature and had outgrown boy. So parents chose to do an arranged marriage. Boy: educated, tall, handsome, cultured. Ready for marriage. Match arranged by friends and well-wishers. Perfect except for background. But family was different. His Father doing a job. Gandhian, true values, good people, but no sophistication.

Patient was convinced she could cope and adjust and would soon be back in her league. She did, but the 7 years took much toll.
They lived in a small 2 bedroom house of which the pt was quite ashamed. Mil ran a slipshod house, though wonderful in jewelery and clothes. Husband forgot first post marriage birthday (In their English culture, such a goof-up would be unimaginable!). She cried herself silly. It was the end of the world! To make up, husband arranged a surprise Anniversary party. All her friends dropped in: Happy? No. Ashamed of undone house. Never called her friends nor relatives.

Very correct. Follows procedures perfectly. Exact and precise about what she wanted and how she would go about it. Very frustrated at having life-modifying trouble, which refused to respond, in spite of doing everything she was told to do medically. In 2 months, she had been treated, operated and again treated and it was just worse. Now, a switch to an alternative therapy was called for, but with the concurrence of the specialist.

Mental State
She apparently adjusted and adjusted and adjusted. Waited and waited and waited-7 long years.
MIL taunted. Called her a snob. She kept her corner spotlessly clean in a pig-sty of the house. Daughters- always tidy and washed.
And talked and talked to her daughter to instill all her earlier value-system. And her voice gave up. Stress? Yes and how. Isolated, husband probably guilty, worked to the limit. Today, they have a wonderful 4 bedroom house. But no sex, no voice.

Everything looks perfect. But MIL is a trigger - Sees or hears her and every nerve screams. But no sound comes. Voice has failed. Instead nodules form.


·         Embarrassment

·         Tremendous shame

·         Guilt

·         Anger: MIL for putting her in this position

·         Inferiority versus Superiority

·         Suppressed anger till chokes

·         Sexual suppression

·         Voice lost

·         Perfectionist

·         Efficient

·         Intelligent

·         Tall, beautiful,wonderful carriage

Repertorial Totality
RM1065 Indignation
RM1043 Fastidious
RM1038 Embittered
RM 992 Affectionate
RM1038 Embarrassment A/F
RM1037 Egotism
RM 546 Desire Sour
RM 547 Desire Sweet
RM1204 Perspiration nose
RM1133 Perspiration upper lips
RM 356 > Open air
RM 530 Thirst less
RM 149 Headache <sun
KR 760 Voice hoarseness overuse from

Remedies on Repertorisation
18/8, Puls 15/7, Nat-mur 13/8, Ign 11/8, Lach 10/4, Staph 6/3

The Remedy?
The feeling she went through of let the earth open up and swallow me before my friends see me in this condition’s of deep hard mortification. Staph to remove this layer.
Throat chokes. Throat sensitive. I need my space. I have 2 young daughters. I need to talk to them constantly. I explained this to the specialist too. How can I not talk? Or talk less?
Yes! It is Lachesis!

Treatment :





Hurt . To remove this first layer. + Headache

Staph 1M


Been to Parties. Overexerted. Voice hoarse.Throat painful.No headache.Acidity ++. (now can move to Constitutional since the causative acutness will wear off on own)

Lach 200 1st dose


> Voice better. No acidity.

Tub-b 1M


Nausea3. Burning > warm drinks. Cough. Coryza white.

Ars-alb 200 4P 1P=4


Doctor in Chennai advised to operate Rt nodule. But pt decided not to go for surgery since feeling better.

Lach 200 2nd dose


Stress3. Voice hoarse.

Lach 200 3rd dose


> Except if strains.

Lach 200 4th dose


Slight cough .Headache ++.

Lach 200 5th dose


Voice >3

Sac-Lac 200


Exhausted. Voice Hoarse +

Lach 200 6th dose


Boil Rt Leg. Throbbing Pain.

Lach 200 7th dose


>3. Voice also gives no trouble if she lives a normal life style. But gives way if she screams too much! Which anyway she should not.

Sac-Lac 200