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Case Study

Can Homoeopathy be so Quick?
Dr Sushma Jaiswal
'Lach / Kali-bi / Thuja

A 7 yrs old girl, SS brought to me on 9/4/04.
Her Chief Complaints were:
1) Sinusitis < cold3 things, < dust3, < change of weather3, > lying.
2) Soreness of throat > cold.
3) Fever 102F < evening, > Crocin.
Cold3. Coryza- Thick, Greenish. Nose block < HS http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif snoring. Treatment: Cetzine every attack of cold for 7 days. Nasal Spray OD.
Diagnosed as Adenoids. She is having this acute attacks since 1997 once in 2 months lasting for 10 days. Since March 2004 http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif 3 times in a month. Always associated with pain in umbilical region along with vomiting which ameliorates.
2) Eyes: Dandruff-thick white coated on upper eyelids since Oct 2003.

Patient As A Person
Ht: 48" Wt: 18.5kg
Perspiration: ScalpAppetite: Poor
Cravings: Raw (Carrots, beet roots, paneer), curds3, potatoes3, Pickles3. Aversion: Sweets3, milk
Thirst: Less 4 glass/day
Stools: Normal Flatulence: Occasional
Urine: Normal Thermals: Hot
Sleep: Disturbed 4-5 times each night; sleeps with head thrown back, talks in sleep
Dreams: All dreams are secret (does not remember or does not want to tell).

Past History: NAD
Family History
Life Situation And Mentals
23/01/1997: Born in Mumbai
1999: Nursery-1st Step-Powai
2000: Jr Kg Sishya Bangalore
2001: Sr Kg Avabhai Petit-Pali Hill Bandra
2002: 1st Std Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra East
2003: 2nd Std Dhirubhai Ambani
Too many School changes.
Irritable3. Diplomatic-knows how to get the job done. Affectionate3. Weeps easily. Jealous-if mother hugs sister, beats sister, shouts at mother. Obstinate. Fights. Talks to self. Thumb sucking. Restlessness both physically and mentally-whatever starts never completes. Grumbles. Secretive when asked about dreams said all her dreams are secret. Does not know how to keep herself occupied. Company3. Consolation3. Lazy.

Investigations: Radiological:
24/6/02- Enlargement adenoid with encroachment of naso-pharyngeal space
23/2/03- Rt maxillary sinusitis

Repertorial Totality

KR 69 Obstinate

KR 60 Jealous

KR 87 Talks to himself


KR 51 Grumbling

KR 72 Restless

KR 01 Affectionate

KR 486 Craving raw

KR 485 Craving pickles

KR 486 Craving salt

KR 482 Aversion Sweets

KR 481 Aversion milk

KR 221 Perspiration scalp
KR1362 Aggravation cold drinks
KR1347 Aggravation change of weather
KR 532 Vomiting coughing on
KR 405 Fingers in mouth, children put
KR 114 Dandruff


Remedies on Repertorisation
25/12, Puls 22/11, Sil 21/9, Lach 18/9, Lyc 16/8, Kali-bi 4/4
: Both remedies Puls and Kali-bi come strongly for sinusitis. Puls nose block > open air. But on specific questioning, she said, she felt worse in AC draft so Kali-bi was clinched.

Constitutional: She is very jealous and dominating. A very clear case of LachCalc which came in for differentiation for the profuse perspiration was ruled out on all other counts.

Final Plan Of Treatment
Acute: Kali-Bi
Sinusitis. Coryza thick, greenish discharge. Nose block. < draft of air.
Restless. Jealous. Grumbles. Hot. were even the ferquent change of schools triggered by Lach being a Lachesis personality?
Nose. Block. Adenoids. Both Sycotic Miasm

Treatment :





Sinusitis. Thick greenish discharge. Nose Block < HS.

Kali-bi 30 2P 1P=2 doses


>Colds=0 .Eyes dandruff SQ. Has not used nasal spray.

Thuja 200 1st dose


>Colds=0 /2wks Nasal sounds>3Eyes dandruff SQ .

Sac-lac 200


> 80% .Eyes dandruff > 40%. Voice >. Cold 0/mth inspite 4 family members having cold.

Thuja 200 2nd dose


Much better. 1 attack in this month

Lach 200-1st dose

Clinically, the patient is better since a month now. She has not used nasal spray since our treatment started. As we were going in for the ENT issue, we were in a hurry to repeat the investigations.

Post-treatment Investigations: X-Ray Sinuses came out Normal - Rt paranasal sinus has cleared up. The adenoids did not show much change in these 8 wks; probably it is too early to expect radiological change. We will repeat X-Ray after 4 months and we will inform in NJH future issue.