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Case Study

Polyp Magic
Dr Ranga Krishnan
'Hippoz / Kali-bi / Calc-sil

Mr M M, 25, an engineer, complained of stuffy nose, which was blocked all the time, requiring to breathe through the mouth. He had a spongy white growth in the left nostril and a smaller one in the right. Also suffered from constant colds, with watery discharge, which usually progresses to cough with sore throat and wheeze.

He was allergic to fumes, during Diwali by firecrackers and bonfires.
Appetite: Good. Desires/Aversions: Nothing specific.
Stools/Urine: No complaints. Sleep: Good.
Mind: Idealistic, helping tendency, loves music careful with money.
Takes mothers opinion about what clothes to wear, but makes his own decisions regarding his education.

Past History: Measles
Family History: 
GM-BP, DM, dead
GM-DM, died of gangrene.

3-11-99: Kali-bich 1M 3 doses one/day
20-11-99: Reasonable improvement, pt feels much better. Kali-bich 10M I dose (Repeat due to polyp pathology)
24-12-99: Left polyp marginally shrinking in anterior portion. Still spongy white. Sneezing better. Has cold and cough, but this time without throat involvement. Hippoz 1M I dose; Kali-bich 10M after 15 days.
31-1-00: Slight improvement. Shrinking slowly; Calc-sil 10M [The acute has done its job, now time to give constitutional]
 according to Kent is constitutionally tough, openly never defies, but still pursues his own interest.

22-3-00: Running nose with watery discharge, polypi shrinking, breathing difficult now only on some nights, overall improved; Calc-sil 10M 1 dose
9-6-00: "Definitely much better". Feels good for 6 hrs at a stretch. Able to breathe through nose at night. No more mouth breathing. Calc-sil 10M

1-8-00: Left nose: mucous discharge stringy, but no block. Rt nose normal. Leaving for USA with Calc-sil 10M 4p one dose/week.
18-5-01: Comes back from USA for few weeks. So far no complaints. Left nose NO POLYP. Rt nostril- Upper inside small polyp remains. Calc-sil 10 M 1 dose
9-6-01: Leaving for USA. Wants medicine for 3 mths; Calc-sil 10M 3p 1 dose /month.
Till date he has had no return of the problem.