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Case Study

Poor Anxious me
Dr Raji Govindarajan
'Ars-alb / Hydrast / Thuja / Tub-b / Strepto / Thuja / Carc

Case 1
Mr N, 41, VP of a bank, IIT graduate, complained of Allergic Sinus problems, since childhood, giving rise to headaches in frontal region. Dull pain < exertion of eyes, stress.
Complaints became severe in Sept 01. When in London, he developed fever along with a cold, with thick yellowish green nasal discharge, accompanied by bodyache and heaviness. All this started after a week of hectic work, lack of sleep and erratic diet.

Family History
Mother died of brain hemorrhage, Father of asthma
: Anxiety about daughter’s health. Keeps calling home from work, even from abroad, to check up on her. Anxiety about trifles, very much attached to daughter, with fear ++ of losing her and wife, as his own parents are dead. Likes Company, organizing events, feels he has to do everything perfect to the last detail. Angry when unable to fulfill commitments at work. Happy when with family, when has achieved something, when work is recognized.
Perfectionist, fastidious.

Past History: 3-4 surgeries on both ears for infection, 1990-hearing aid in Lt ear. No other problems.
Physical Generals
Desires: Hot food, spicy,and non-veg. Likes to be served by others. He is a social ethanolic.
Thirst: Good. Urine: Normal. Stool: Normal. Sweat3 all over. Weather: prefers cool
Sleep: Normal. 4-5 hrs. Dreams: Of dead parents.
O/E: Nose block both nostrils,
Ear: wax + both ears; Chest/Throat-clear

Anxiety, health relatives of; children his
Dreams: dead relatives

24-01-02 Ars-alb 200 6p OD. Thuja IM I dose
26-02-02 Anxiety better, allergic reaction better. Able to drive 2-wheeler, eat ice-cream. Ars-alb 200 4p OD
14-03-02 Sinus headaches often. Ars-alb IM 6p SOS
27-03-02 Better. Ars-alb 200 2p weekly once
16-04-02 Headache +++ Bell 10 M 1 dose
26-04-02 Better Tub 10M I dose Ars-alb 200 3p SOS
13-06-02-Sinus attack. SOS helped.
Now indigestion due to travel with painful stools, distended abdomen, flatus < 3-4 hrs after eating. Rx Chel 200 6p tds Ars-alb 200 SOS
01-08-02 Good trip to US. Digestion OK, SOS helped sinus Tub 10 M 1 dose
12-08-02 Sore throat Ars-alb IM in water doses.
25-12-02 Traveling AF fever, throat pain < swallowing, body pain, chilly, stress3
 IM I dose Ars-alb IM 6p TDS

Pt was fine for one year after this, except some SOS for cold. Now only needs SOS for acute complaints -Ars-alb IM bd/tds as needed. His attitude has changed. Does not get so upset by trifles and not so fastidious.

Case 2
Mr S, 34, lab technician, complained of sinus problems since childhood.
Attacks used to be bi-annual, now once a month. Starts with sneezing, running nose, then nose block, postnasal drip [PND], throat pain and mild cough. Then thick nasal discharge with pain in frontal and maxillary sinuses < dust.

Swab test-pseudomonas + E.coli +, gram negative bacilli +, gram-positive cocci +.
Hb, ESR, Eosinophils - N. DNS since 10 yrs.
Throat infection < cold drinks, sinusitis < dust, smell of spicy food, cold drinks, winter.
Severe nose block.
Acidity due to erratic food habits < spicy food < hot food, mutton, meat and masalas.

Past History: Chicken pox 10 yrs ago, Recurrent cold, Acidity
Family History: 
Not contributory
: Anger when people are unreasonable. She is generally patient and adjusting, shy, reserved and a workaholic.
Duty conscious3 and perfectionist. Belongs to a large joint family with lots of financial problems but never complains. No emotional upheavals

Physical Generals
Desires: Spice, salty, fried snacks, hot tea/coffee, non-veg. Pepper and cold drinks Agg.
Perspiration: Sweats easy
Weather: < summer http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif prickly heat. Winter http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif sinus
Obs-kept talking about work and fulfilling his duties.
O/E PND < Rt.

Sinusitis-frontal catarrh chronic. Acidity chronic
As no major mental disturbance, the remedy was selected only on Physical Generals.
2-3-02 Hydrastis 200 6p tds Thuja IM I dose
18-3-02 Better. No sneezing, mild PND. Acidity better, sinus mild. Hydrs 200 7p OD Thuja IM
8-4-02 Mild running nose Strepto IM, Hydrs 200 7p OD
6-6-02 Much better, occ nose block on/15 days. Occ acidity, due to tension and erratic food. B Coli 200 I dose Hydrs 200 10p weekly twice
29-7-02 PND with cough at night since 10 days, lachrymation +, no acidity Hydrs200 8p bd Thuja IM
23-8-02 Throat pain mild cough < night. No PND. Overall feels energetic, had one episode of loose stools and recovered in 1 day. Carcinosin 10M 1 dose 15 days later-Hydrs 200 I dose
No complaints for a whole year.

Explanation: B Coli in my experience helps to make the indicated remedy to act better in this kind of a case with multiple pathogen in upper respiratory system along with acidity.