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Case Study

Case of Nasal Block
Dr Rama Dinavahi
'Puls / Calc-c / Sulp / Merc-sol / Tub-b

A 10 yr old girl came for consultation with her mother, on 18-9-03.

Chief Complaints: Chronic Nasal block since 2 yrs. Headache frontal region.
Sticky stools with mucus on and off since 2 yrs.

  1. Nasal block < change of weather < ice water.
  2. Frontal headache with dullness and weakness since 2 yrs on and off.
  3. Very frequent change of eyesight (myopia) every two months.
  4. Pain in abdomen with constipation. Stools hard, sticky and offensive with mucus Since 2 yrs became very irritable and angry. Cries easily.

Patient as a Person: Irritable, angry and sensitive.

Physical Generals
Appetite: Less during acute phase.
Thirst: Thirstless Tongue: coating yellowish posteriorly.
Urine: Normal,
Perspiration: Not significant
Sleep: Gets disturbed with nose block. Patient is chilly in general.

Family History: Mother: Hypertension - on medication, Chr headaches. Slip disc. Father: Acid peptic disease, Border line Diabetes

On Examination: Chest clear.

Treatment and Prescription
18-9-03: Puls 200 twice daily for 3 days
22-9-03: Dullness >, headache >, nasal block slightly > Calc-carb 200 twice daily x 5 days.
6-10- 03: Further improvement. Mother reported headaches much better. Still nose block +. Placebo daily 2 doses for 10days.
17-10-03: Nose block <, headaches >. Improvement in anger and irritability.
Calc-carb 200 daily 2 doses x 5 days. Placebo for 10 days
23-10-03: Called up to convey that there is overall improvement.
15-11-03: Again eye check up done. This time myopia did not increase. Placebo for 10 d.
12-12-03; Again nose block, frontal headache and weakness. Stools sticky with mucus and constipated. Here mother was mentioning she has great aversion to bathing. She takes bath once a week. Sulphur 200 daily 2 doses x 5 days.
14-1-04: Acute phase: running nose with nose block and feverish feeling.
Again Puls 200 for 3 days.
17-1-04: Overall improvement. Placebo for 10days.
13-2-04: Mild symptoms repeated. Sulphur 200 2 doses for 5 days.
30-6-04: Came with a big boil on left buttock, very painful, could not sit. Merc-sol 200 daily 2 doses x 5 days. Reported pus discharged a lot and better.
13-7-04: Again mild acute phase with nose block, Headache <. Introduced Tub-b 200 daily 2 doses for 3 days.
17-7-04: Overall improvement. Placebo to continue.