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Case Study

Case of Hirsutism
Dr Sonal Jain
'Puls / Medo

32 yrs married female, diagnosed as hirsutism came to me for consultation in January 2004.

Chief Complaint

  1. Hair growth all over the body, on the face especially on the chin and cheeks.
  2. Amenorrhoea, enlargement of clitoris and heaviness of breasts.

All complaints started backing 1999. She had consulted many doctors including a renowned endocrinologist, took hormonal treatment but no relief. All doctors wiped their hands off the case, as even probable cause of hirsutism could not be established inspite of full investigations.

Serum Cortisol, dexamethasone suppression test, synacthen test, USG abdomen, Prolactin test, CT Scan were normal. Testosterone level was elevated.

Diagnosis: Hirsutism.
The patient was on hormonal treatment; clomiphene citrate to induce ovulation. But she got no relief so opted for homoeopathy. I took her detailed case.

Personal History
Appetite: Normal.
Thirst: Decreased
Micturition: 6-7 /day.
Bowels: Normal
Cravings: Pickles.
Aversion: Fats
Perspiration: Normal.
Sleep: Disturbed
Thermals: Hot

Mental State
Severe depression, has developed an inferiority complex- stopped socializing. Weeps easily, even while answering questions, she became very sensitive and started craving consolation. Always wanted somebody to accompany her. Felt neglected, felt as if she is all-alone in the world and has nobody to take care of her. She was very fearful too. Was very hesitant while talking, dependent, most questions were answered by her husband.

Family History: Mother and one sister have bronchial asthma.
Past History: Not contributory

On Examination
Hair growth all over body, clitoris enlarged, vital parameters normal. Systemic examination normal.


·         Depression

·         Weeping tendency

·         Craves consolation

·         Fearful

·         Dependent

·         Thirstless

·         Desire pickles

·         Amenorrhoea

Case was a clear Pulsatilla. It was given in 200 potency, single dose Complaints were pointing to sycotic miasmatic base.

After 15 days when patient came, she was not having much relief. But as I was sure of the drug, I again gave a dose of Pulsatilla 200 and asked her to come after 2 weeks. This time she came with miraculous results- she got her menses. Clitoris started decreasing in size, hair growth was much reduced. I gave her SL.

Report After 1 Month: Marked reduction in hair growth, clitoris came back to its normal size, and menses regular menstrual cycle established.

After 2 Weeks: This time no improvement. Complaints of breast tenderness. I gave a dose of Medorrhinum 200. After 2 weeks she menstruated again, new hair growth had stopped. Patient was much better. I gave a dose of Pulsatilla 200.

After 1 month she had her menses, clitoris was normal, no breast tenderness. Only few hair over the body.

We followed up the patient for 6 mths. She had no recurrence of complaints.

This was a case with a strong sycotic background. So Medorrhinum was interposed with Pulsatilla, which required frequent repetition because of the hormonal treatment, taken so far.