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Case Study

Case of Ovarian Tumour
Dr Neelima Divecha
'Lach / Thuja / Calc-fl

Mrs HJ, 34 years Resident of Mumbai came to me on 2nd Feb 03.

Chief Complaint

  1. Metrorrhagia, Menorrhagia, Dysmenorrhoea.
    Menses: 7-8/15-17 days. Bleeding profuse, blackish or dark brown in color. Sometimes clotted.
    Before and during menses: Severe Abdominal pain.
    Menarche at the age of 13.
    Was feeling better mentally during menses even though having physical sufferings. Leucorrhoea: Yellowish and sticky. No itching. < Before menses. Backache and weakness with leucorrhoea.
  2. Asthma since last 11yrs. Complaint of Asthma started after she came to Mumbai from Junagadh after marriage. Still suffering from frequent attacks. < Curd, Ice cream, Fried food, Change of weather, Near sea, Anxiety, Dust, perfumes.
    After Asthma Started, she cannot wear necklace because she feels choked. She can not wear too tight clothing.

Other Complaint

  1. Backache since last 2 yrs. X-ray suggesting Lumber Scoliosis.
  2. Pain in both knee jts, started in Lt knee which has more pain.
  3. Palpitation < after sleep, in the morning

Physical Generals
Desire: Spicy and Fried food. Salt in past. Acidity < Spicy.
Aversion: Sweets.
Thermals: Hot.
Sweat: Moderate.

Nervous. Sad, Depressed. Anxiety about her sickness. Gets irritated, easily shouts.
Pt was talking continuously during case taking.

Rubrics Selected
Left sided affection
Depression < after sleep KR
Loquacity, mind KR
Anxiety < Waking on KR
Relieved by discharge
Black, Menses, Genitalia Female KR
Clothing intolerance of Generalities KR
Loosening clothing amel Generalities KR


02/04/03 Lachesis 200 1 dose a week for 1 month. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

08/05/03 Mentally better. Sadness and Anxiety reduced. No change in menstrual suffering and Leucorrhoea. Lachesis 1M 1 dose a week for 1 month. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

12/06/03 Leucorrhoea stopped. Backache only when exerts. Menses 22-24 days.
Bleeding not so profuse as it was. Now dark red in colour Thuja 1M 1 dose. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS.

2/07/03 Patient came with sonography report done on 21/07/03. There was markable reduction in size of tumor and in suffering of patient. No palpitation or anxiety since last 15 days. Even Asthma reduced in frequency and severity of attack.
Sac-lac and Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

22/08/03 Better. Menses last 6-7/24-25 days. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

22/09/03 General swelling all over body more on hands and face which < Morning. < After sleep. Hair fall. Lachesis 10 M 1 dose. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

5/11/03 Swelling and Hair fall Better. No abdomen pain during menses. Menses 5-6/24-25 days. Sac-lac. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

5/12/03 USG on 3/12/03 showed further reduction in size of tumour. Sac-lac. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

20/01/04 Menses came 10-12 days early Asthma attack agg. Mild pain in abdomen before menses Lachesis 10 M 1 dose. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

28/2/04 Better. Thuja 1M 1dose. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS

9/04/04 USG on 2/04/04 showed no mass in Lt ovary. Sac-lac. Calc-flour 6x 4 TDS for 2 weeks.

25/06/04 USG repeated. No mass in Lt ovary.