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Case Study

Hungry, yet?
Dr S C Mishra

"My mouth is hungry though my abdomen feels fully tight with food", said an 8 yr old Sindhi boy. Strongly built, flabby, intelligent, playful and of fair complexion, only son of his parents. His father, a business man in Indore devotes ample time to him, with mother also giving full attention.

The boy feels like eating something just after eating his full meal. He does not know why but he must always have something to eat irrespective of his appetite. He says, "Inspite of a full stomach I feel hungry, what can I do?" This happens especially when his mother is near him.

He asks his mother to give him "something" tidbits like biscuits, dry fruits, fried food, savouries. When he is in school he does not have this feeling but as soon as he comes home, he feels like eating something. All family members give him full attention. His father accompanies him morning and night. All of his demands are fulfilled. He has good number of friends and has good relation with his teachers.

His mother consulted some homoeopath who gave him some medicine for worms which helped him a lot but the tendency to eat more and more persists. Also he has been given deworming treatment in allopathy.

On Examination: Rt hypochondrium normal. Mild tenderness on pressing hard in Lt hypochondrium. Flatulence offensive ++.
Sleeps well.

Delusion that he is hungry
Chewing amel
Desire tidbits but staple food
Appetite: Eating after. More he eats, more he craves. (Ph 16-17)
Discontentment (dissatisfied, displeased) cause without (Ph 103 and Syn 92)
Bulimia (Syn 27)

I could not find all of the above mentioned rubrics in repertory and found some on whose basis I selected Lycopodium 200 3 doses to be taken every 15 minutes and SL for one week.

After a week he reported to have some improvement in hungry feeling. Also Lt sided abdominal tenderness was less but not fully gone.

I repeated the same medicine now in 1M potency and gave him 4 doses to be taken one daily at bed time. He was asked to report before he sets out for Indore. His mother came to report me after seven days that the boy is not having the problem of frequent urge of eating.