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Case Study

Short Cases
Dr Satish P Kanojia
'Nux-v, / Arnica / Caust

Case 1
Ms CR, 23 yrs came on 27/04/2004 complaining of chronic nose block unable to breathe through her nose. Her nostrils were alternately blocked < night http://www.njhonline.com/images/rtarrow.gif breathing through mouth. Her voice had a nasal tone.

Patient as Person
Built - Lean.
Craving: Spicy food
Thermal: Chilly

Investigations: 27/04/2004 X-ray PNS Water view: Uniform haziness of the Lt maxillary sinus suggesting possible acute Lt maxillary sinusitis. Mucosal thickening is seen in the Rt maxillary sinuses suggestive of chronic sinusitis. No erosion of bones or destruction seen. Frontal sinuses are clear.

Treatment: Nux-vom 200 TDS doses with SL for 10 days. Follow up after ten days: Nose block considerably reduced. She can breathe through nose. SL for a month.

Follow up after one month: No nose block. No mouth breathing. No Nasal twang.

Case 2
Ms SSP, 16 yr girl, lost her father on 5/7/2004, in the afternoon. On looking at the dead body, she became speechless, did not cry or talked to anyone and collapsed in the arms of the relatives. They took her to a municipal hospital where she was given some Injections and sent home. On 6/7/2004 she was brought to my clinic. I saw she could not walk without the support of four relatives. They put her on the examination table. She was speechless. Eyes were closed. When I asked her name, she opened her eyes and simply said S..... and went back in stupor.

Treatment: Her vital parameters were normal. I took the cause as 'Mental Trauma' with the focus on trauma I gave Arnica 200 stat. To my surprise she got up after 5 minutes and could talk easily. But she did not cry. After 20 minutes she went away with her relatives without any support. (I thought that she should have cried, for her inner feelings to get an outlet).

Case 3
Mast NS, 5 yrs, student came on 16/1/2004 with 4 to 5 fleshy warts on his Lt upper eyelid. No bleeding or itching or pain in the wart.

Treatment: Causticum 200 BD for 7 days followed by SL for two months removed all the warts. (Somehow, the way it works, it is almost as if Causticum is the specific, remedy for warts on face).