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Case Study

The dependant Husband
Dr Vishpala Parthasarathy
'Phos / Thuja / Tub-b

Mr SK 35 came to me for dull pain in Rt ear with hearing reduced with tinnitus. < Cold draft, < Winter, < conferences diagnosed as otosclerosis. Also C/o Sneezing³ with coryza everyday with blocked nose < Dust, < COW, < Morning, < Cold things, < Bath after, < Strong smell associated with pain in Rt ear.

Other Complaints: Pain and burning in perianal region but stool not hard. Also bleeding PR. < Spicy food < Stool before and after.

Patient as a Person
Ht: 5'6
Wt: 52. But h/o of abnormal wt gain following Ayurvedic medicine. > stopping medicine. Light eyes, fair complexion, good looking
Perspiration: Moderate, non offensive, non staining
Appetite: Average
Thirst: Scanty - 3-4 glasses/day
Craving: Sweets³, highly seasoned food³.
Urine: Normal
Stools: 2/Day, Normal
Sleep: 8 hrs but unrefreshing, restless during sleep.
Dreams: Pleasant.
Thermal: Likes winter, Fan: S+, W0. Covers always in sleep. Takes bath with hot water through out the season. C3H2.
Cannot wear tight clothes.
Sexual Function: Frequency: 3/W. Desire less than wife.

Life Situation and Mental State
1971: Born in Mumbai - Girgaum, First child; had a younger sister. Expected to be understanding by parents but was always suppressed. His younger sister being brighter, good in studies and hence was much pampered.

1977: Family moved to Vashi since Father worked in Kurla.

1982: Sent to Belgaum boarding school with one of his friends and a cousin.

1985: Came back to Mumbai because of some health problems. Completed SSC. Did DCE and stayed in Dombivli with his Uncle

1991: Went for engineering to Aurangabad.

1993: Father got bipolar disorder. Manic depression. Took voluntary retirement from company and stated a business from the VRS money and loans from friend. Business failed. There was constant nagging from Mother and sister and stress to pay back the loans which he could not so pt had a breakdown. He could not complete his MBA.

1996: Came to India worked in Shell. Planned to do part time MBA course since now everyone is settled.

Fa was very strict, hysterical and suffered from manic depression. Mo was otherwise fun loving, but shallow, dominating and suicidal.

Patient does not get angry easily. Cannot remain alone, always wants company .Very affectionate - has lot of friends and also a girl friend. But very anxious and fearful. Fear of being alone, of ghosts in childhood and also of his own Father.

Anticipation³, nervous before going for interview, has financial worries. Talks excessively.


  1. A/F Suppression
  2. Fear alone
  3. Fear ghost
  4. Insecurity
  5. Timid
  6. Company >
  7. Extravagant
  8. Affectionate
  9. Responsibility, over responsible
  10. Cr: spicy
  11. Cr: sweets
  12. Chilly

Plan of Treatment Acute: Amm-carb, Puls
Constitutional: Phos
Intercurent: Tub

Follow Up






Phos 200 1st dose


Sneezing³, cough day, coryza+.

Amm-carb 30 OD for 7 days.
Kali-m 6x.



Thuja 200 1st dose


Was > till 28/11/96. Sneezing ++. Throat pain+. Fever 99.8. Nose block. O/E throat red.

Puls 30, 7P, 1P=2
Kali-s 6x


Was >³

Tub-b 1M 1st dose


Came after 2½ yrs. Was > 
Came for coryza, headache, fever 101 since yesterday, thirst increased, tongue dry and coated white. as Puls had helped in past

Puls 200 7P, 1P=3


Influenzinum 1M 1 dose


C/o Rt ear pain < COW, with throat pain < morning, has to clear throat. Nose block +. RM(322) itching ear > boring with finger Bov², Coloc².

Bov 30 3P


Not >. Hearing poor, ringing in the ear. Rt>Lt, < winter, < clearing throat.

Dulc 30 7P OD
Kali-m 6x, 1 pill BD


Ear ringing > 50%. Cold cough>



Dryness in lips, throat pain, took allopathic medicine, but rawness++ and allopathic medicine gave diarrhea.

Arum-t 30, 7P, 1P=3


>³. Lips rawness+. Ear ringing>³, deafness+

Arum-t 30, 7P
Kali-s 6x, 1 pill BD


Ear ringing, deafness, Rt>Lt. Diagnosed as otosclerosis and Phos is a drug for multiple sclerosis

Tub-b 1M 2nd dose
Phos 200 2nd dose


Not >. ENT opinion - bilateral conductive deafness, bilateral otosclerosis

Tub-b 1M 3rd dose
Phos 200 3P


Slight change. Can hear surrounding. No ringing in ears.

Tub-b 1M 4th dose
Phos 200 1 dose


Can hear what doctor said. Could hear what parents said.
Has to clear throat < strong smell

Tub-b 1M 5th dose
Phos 200 1 dose


Was given Phos every wk for 2 months



> 75%

Tub-b 1M 1 dose
Phos 200 1 dose


Sore throat < COW, pain and burning in rectum during and after defecation. stye++ 3 times in a month

Tub-b 1M 1 dose
Staph 200 3P, 1P=3


Was > for all these days but now feels ringing in the ears

Tub-b 1M 1 dose
Phos 200 1 dose


He was on regular follow up till 29/6/02 and was given Tub-b 1M, once a month and Phos 200 every week. wife could see much improvement. Audiometry also showed some improvement. Even in our clinic we could see that he could hear much better without the usual "beg your pardons"