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Case Study

Case 31: A Case Of Prostrating Throat Pain
Dr S K Mamgain

It was in 1983 or 84 when one day a gentleman aged 45 visited my clinic. He was a well built stout and cheerful person; but that day he came and sat down gloomily in the waiting room. On his turn he entered my chamber and in place of sitting, he rather fell down in the chair and told that he was feeling as though his strength were sinking, he was feeling a kind of dull and numbing pain in his whole left side of face and the neck; he could not locate the seat of the pain himself. While examining for the site of pain, when I pressed under the left jaw in the region of left tonsil, he cried, "Oh!". There was the seat of the pain. The site was too sensitive.

I asked my assistant to put a dose of Lac-caninum 200 on his tongue. (I give 4 - 5 globules of no. 10 size in a little sugar of milk as a dose). "Lo!" as soon as the medicine touched his tongue he sprang to erect position in his seat and became alert and cheerful. He told that he was "Feeling better!". The effect of the medicine was miraculous it worked as a charm.

Though it took about a week to get him completely cured.

Such miraculous effects instill confidence in the efficacy of the infinitely small doses of the homoeopathic medicines and encourage the practitioner to know his medicines more and more thoroughly. Dr J T Kent has truly said to his students, "You should know your remedies as well, as you know your intimate friends, they will never let you down." Hahnemann has himself advised, "Study your Materia Medica."