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Case Study

Some Cases
National Journal Of Homoeopathy 1994 Jul / Aug Vol III No 4.
Balakrishnan E.
` Sep / Ambr / Asctac / Ol-j


A 51 years old lady came with a left frozen shoulder since 6-8 months for which she was taking treatment without result. Movement was very painful and the joint stiff.

Life Situation: The patient has 2 sons who stay abroad. Her husband goes out to work and hence for most of the time she is alone in the house. She cannot bear contradiction and used to lose her temper quickly.

She likes spicy food and has aversion to milk and cheese.

Thermal modality : Liked warm drinks, warm climate and was worse in damp weather.

She had aversion for company and was happy when left alone. She had a constant fear that she would be permanently handicapped and she had spent a lot of money for treatment as a result.

Menstrual History : Menses - late, scanty, every 11/2 to 2 months. A week before the appearance of menses she would be irritable and tense.


Sepia 200 daily two doses for three days was prescribed.

A week later the pain decreased in intensity.

Sepia 10M two doses 12 hours apart was given after which the stiffness and pain decreases by 50 percent.

Sepia 10M was further repeated twice after every three weeks gap.

She was completely relieved of the ailment and could perform normal household functions with her left hand.

Rubrics considered:

  1. KR 12 - Better when alone
  2. KR 62 - Loathing for life
  3. KR 16 - Contradiction aggravates
  4. KR 728 - Menses scanty
  5. KR 727 - Menses late
  6. KR 1191 - Stiffness joint
  7. KR 1192 - Stiffness upper-limbs
  8. KR 1421 - Worse wet weather


A 53 years old male patient, senior officer in a private firm came with Psoriasis all over the scalp, face, chest and both hands. He also had arthritis since 8-10 months. (Psoriatic arthritis). Due to the swelling of the joints of upper limbs and stiffness there was difficulty in movement of the fingers.

Nature of eruption: Dry desquamation eruption (at certain places with cracks) over scalp, forehead, ears, upper arms both elbows and certain areas in the chest. There was severe itching and skin was sore to touch.

While taking the history he could not contain himself and broke down weeping. He had undergone a lot of mental tension and worry because of family calamities during previous monsoon.

Rubrics considered:

  1. KR 94 - Weeps while narrating symptoms
  2. KR 68 - Ailments from mortification
  3. KR 36 - Despair of recovery
  4. KR 1316 - Psoriasis
  5. KR 1191 - Stiffness joints
  6. KR 1192 - Stiffness upper-limbs

Treatment: Sepia 200 daily two doses for three days decreased the pain and itching of skin within a weeks time.

Sepia 10M two doses was given 12 hours apart. A fortnight later he was relieved of the swelling as well as the joint pains.

To relieve the joint pains a few doses of Mag-phos 1M were also given as and when necessary.

The skin eruption improved gradually with a decrease in itching.

Sepia 10M was repeated once every three weeks by which time the eruptions had totally cleared off including the swelling of joints all in a period of two months. There has been no recurrence of Psoriasis since then till date.


A 16 year old girl came with jaundice (Infective Hepatitis). her main complaints were -

  1. Nausea at thought of food. Could not eat anything for 4-5 days as she vomited out everything immediately after eating.
  2. Fever which came daily at odd hours and lasted for a few hours with temperature reaching a maximum of 102.5 F.
  3. Weakness and exhaustion.

Blood test and other investigation done on 21/12/1989, the day she took up homoeopathic treatment revealed were -

  1. Serum Bilirubin Total - 6.40 mgs percent
    Serum Bilirubin Direct - 2.00 mgs percent
    Serum Bilirubin Indirect - 4.40 mgs percent
  2. Test for Australia Antigen - Positive
  3. SGPT - 650
  4. SGOT -94
  5. Routine Urine - Albumin - trace, Bile pigments - +, Bile salts +, Pus cells - 12-15.


Sepia 200 thrice a day after which she improved well. Nausea and vomiting stopped and from the third day there was no fever.

Sepia 200 twice a day was given for 5 days after which it was reduced to once a day for another five days to complete the treatment.

She was advised Syrup Becosule 1 tsp thrice a day.

Repeat Investigations:

  1. Serum Bilirubin Total - 1.24
    Serum Bilirubin Direct - 0.90 mgs percent
    Serum Bilirubin Direct - 0.34 mgs percent
  2. SGPT - 49
  3. SGOT - 50
  4. Urine report - normal.

Rubrics considered:

  1. KR 1288 - Fever intermittent
  2. KR 1307 - Fever Jaundice
  3. KR 1307 - Jaundice, intermittent fever after
  4. KR 530 - Thirstless heat during
  5. KR 533 - Vomiting eating after
  6. KR 507 - Nausea at thought of food


A 78 year old male came with chronic asthmatic bronchitis and palpitation on least exertion. He also had a nervous breakdown and was bedridden since several months.

Orthodox treatment failed to give any relief as a result of which he came for homoeopathic treatment.

Initially Antim-tart, Ipecac and Senega were tried without any benefit. In one of the visits to the patient the case was reviewed and detailed information about the behavioral pattern ascertained.

The patient used to be a lover of classical music - but recently he did not allow even a cassette to be played in the house as he did not want to hear music which made him sad and weep.

He never wanted to meet any outsider and wanted that he be left alone. He felt jittery in the presence of outsiders and all his complaints aggravated. The spasmodic choking cough was at its worst in the presence of strangers.

He used to become breathless for long periods after each paroxysm of cough.


Considering the above he was given Ambra-grisea 200 thrice a day for three days.

The cough was relieved 75 percent within three days and the palpitation on exertion reduced.

Ambra-g 200 was given twice daily for 4 days by which time the patient had no cough or breathlessness.

Ambra-g 200 was repeated once every week for 4 weeks which eventually changed his entire personality. There was no recurrence of the cough either.


  1. SR I 148 Worse presence of strangers
  2. SR I 186 - Worse conversation
  3. SR I 776 - Worse music
  4. KR I 804 - Cough spasmodic
  5. KR 798 - Cough of old people
  6. KR 875 - Palpitation heart excitement after
  7. KR 1431 - Weakness


During the course of treatment of jaundice at times, intolerable itching of the whole body is a major problem.

The use of Ast-flu 30 in frequent doses has helped in tackling the above complaint when Hepar-sul and other drugs have failed to mitigate the suffering.

The drug has also given marvellous results in cases of Urticaria with stomach upsets and liver enlargement.


The drug has been found very helpful in the treatment of rickety children with scrofulous diathesis. Emaciation of limbs, almost always presenting severe throat problems and hacking cough.

Besides giving the drug in low potency internally often it has been noticed that these rickety children improve remarkably when they are given - Bacillinum 1M one or two doses at long intervals and advise Cod Liver oil bath once a week. (applying, rubbing the oil all over the body and wash with warm water after one hour). This helps absorption of the medicinal effect of the oil by the skin.

Bombay - 52.