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Case Study

Just Holding On.
Gunavante S M.


Mrs. W age 39. Nervous. Insomnia for three years. Began with overwork and overstrain. Housekeeping in a large house with no staff was too much for her with sole responsibility. Everything to do herself and to make up for the deficiency of others. "Brain and body" "unreal" feeling now. Worried about something she doesnt always know what. Pains, head behind the eyes, always worse before menses. Even when she sleeps, mind on the work, on things of the day and next day. Mind especially active before menses. People talking get on her nerves. Feels like screaming. Cannot concentrate. Reading and thinking at the same time. Chilly mortal, better heat. Depressed terribly. Hides her troubles from others and doesnt want them to know about how she feels. Can seldom cry. Appetite fair, fond of vinegar and pickles. She fears a breakdown and is only "holding on" to herself.

Treatment: Sepia 200 one dose.

4 weeks later - Somewhat improved. Not so tense. No drug.
4 weeks later - Improving and almost certainly the sleeplessness is better.
8 weeks later- Very much better. Can smile. Sleeplessness a thing of the past and "arent I grateful?"

Of course, Insomnia is NOT a disease but a very troublesome condition which is often the forerunner, as the patient feared, of a breakdown. In many mental states this is often the warning symptom or recurrence of melancholia or mania. It is then the voluntary patient, like Charles Lambs sister seeks the haven of the asylum she knows! Here the outstanding symptom of the patient was the nervous tension so typical of Sepia of "feeling like screaming", feels she will scream if one doesnt hold on to something." Here the patient was, in her own words, holding herself, a broken reed, in this condition. Here too a variant of the more usual Sepia symptom. "Hates consolation" is provided by "hides her troubles" her version of why she would dislike consolation because that would mean that her troubles were known. We do not always get the text book description but the spirit of the remedy must be "felt" ones troubles! The prescriber often gets the feeling of the remedy even if you decide that such and such a drug is NOT the patient. A little confirmation for Sepia is often "desires vinegar and pickles".

And Insomnia is NOT EASY to cure by any means.



A lady suffered from severe congestive headache. The attack was attributed to some mental excitement to which she had been subjected in the afternoon. The pain began in the evening and thinking to obtain relief, she retired early. The violence of the attack soon compelled her to leave the bed and walk the floor to obtain relief. The pain was pressing, throbbing bursting, as if the head was too full. The head face and neck were red and hot; the carotids throbbed violently. Felt "would became insane if continued for another hour". The only relief she could obtain was by pressing the sides of her head with both hands and walking as rapidly as possible, form end to end of the three-room-suite. The congestion etc. certainly pointed to Belladonna but the manner of obtaining relief from rapid motion - the most uncommon symptom - promptly excluded Belladonna. Any remedy that could cure her must contain among its totality this particular symptom which is a characteristic of Sepia. A few pellets of Sepia 200 in spoonfuls of water every 10 minutes relieved her before the third dose arrived. She felt asleep and the next day she was as well as usual.

Dr. H.C. ALLEN - Extracted from Perceiving Crucial Symptoms - By Dr. S.M. Gunavante.


Mrs. RPT, 22 years of age and in his third month of pregnancy came with nausea and vomiting since last 2 months. She also had faintness.

Mouth dry but thirstless
Drowsiness (2+) wants to sleep all the time.
Wants to be covered.
Stool is soft but difficult to pass.
Perspiration scanty.

Analysis with Rubrics:

  1. KR 4 - Anxious
  2. KR 1300 - Perspiration scanty
  3. KR 1248 - Sleepiness
  4. KR 607 - Constipation soft stools
  5. KR 535 - Vomiting pregnancy during
  6. Faintness.

On Repertorising:

Rubrics: 1 and 2 - Ant-c, Apis, Cald, Chin-s, Cimx, Cina, Croc, Cycl, Dulc, Elaps, Eup-p, Ign, Ip, Kali-c, Kali-i, Lach, Led, Nux-v, Phel, Sep, Sil.
Rubrics 3 and 4 - Chin, Dulc, Ign, Kali-c, Lach, Se, Sil
Rubric 5 - Kali-c, Lach, Sep, Sil,
Rubrics 6 - Sep
The drug was - Sepia


A lady aged 65, complained of nausea all the time for the last 1 month. This was aggravated by the smell of food. She had lost all appetite for food and was thirstless. Another complaint was that she had to wait for a long time for the urine to start. Her sleep was unrefreshing. She reported after seven days that both her complaints of nausea and urination were much better from the very next day after the remedy was given. (1M / 3 BD)


  1. KR 507 - Nausea aggravated from smell of food
  2. KR 479 - Appetite wanting
  3. KR 530 - Thirstlessness
  4. KR 660 - Urination retarded, must wait for urine to start
  5. KR 1039 - Numbness fingers
  6. KR 1255 - Sleep unrefreshing The drug was of course, Sepia

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