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Case Study

Spot Prescriptions - 1
Vishpala Parthasarathy.
Ser-ang / Puls.

Spot 1

A patient, Mr. N K, came to me on 14th July 1994, for a non healing abscess on the thigh since two months. He had been hospitalised for the same.

The abscess was very painful and associated with bodyache, fevers, cramps in hands and loss of weight. Creatinine - 4.89, Bun 74.57 and haemoglobin count was 10 gms.

He was given Eel-serum 30 tds as a specific.

Since then he has been keeping well.

Explanation: Eel-serum is eminently efficacious for renal complaints. It is to be used whenever the kidney becomes acutely affected, either from cold or infection or intoxication and the attack is characterised by oliguria, anuria and albuminuria. It is specially adapted to cases of hypertension and oliguria without oedema. Therapeutically useful in acute nephritis with threatening uraemia and functional heart diseases.


Spot 2

A fair, tiny baby, 4 months old, pale and undernourished and from a poor family came on 14th March 1994. She was crying continuously for the last 5-6 days. Allopathic medicines gave no relief. The mother said that the baby cries suddenly and continuously for just a few minutes or for hours, then suddenly may stop crying and start laughing and playing. She also had 2-3 loose, greenish-yellow stools since 2 nights. While she was in the clinic, I saw that while crying, the baby was trying to bend forward. Did it help the pain? An abdominal examination revealed nothing. Investigations carried out by a pediatrician were normal.

My Thought Process: The first remedies thought of were Cina, chamomilla, But the peculiarities

  1. Type of stool
  2. Night aggravation
  3. Changeability, and
  4. bending double ameliorates - all made me think of Pulsatilla.

So, Pulsatilla 200 was given. Another dose was given after 2 hours, after which, to the surprise of all, including the pediatrician, the child was completely alright.

Note - Pulsatilla is graded three marks in Kents repertory in the rubric - Pain in abdomen better by bending double. This was the bonus rubric, which I did not know earlier. and which clinched the remedy.