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Case Study

Case of the Divorced Maid & other cases
Chanda Shah.
` Staph / Puls

CASE 1 :

This is a case of a 30 year old maid who had complaints of severe right knee pain aggravated while sitting since one year. She also had one sided headache which was aggravated by sun, draft and ameliorated by vomiting and tight bandage. She had craving for spices, chicken and fish.

Mind : Short tempered. Suppresses anger. She had run away from her husband and had asked for divorce. I found this very strange because females from this socio-economic background usually stick to their husbands in spite of being ill-treated.


9th Nov 95 - Staph 200, 1 dose.
29th Nov 95 - Severe headache but knee pain was 75 percent better. Staph 200,1 dose.
11th Dec 95 - Chest pain. Placebo.
23rd Dec 95 - Red rash over abdomen, Burning of soles. Intense itching. Sulph 1M 1 dose.
12th Feb 96 - Rash gone. Knee pain. Staph 200, 1 dose.
2nd Feb 96 - Severe headache. Couldnt straighten leg. Staph 1 M.
12th Feb 96 - Severe headache with vomiting ameliorated by tight bandage. China 200, 1 dose relieved. however after that, her right knee swelled up and she could not even stand. Then I decided to retake her case,.

She is the youngest among 10 siblings. Owing to poor financial status she was sent to her aunt;s house at the age of 10. There she had to starve, despite working hard. Once when she was asked to wash the menstrual cloth, she ran away and went home. By the age of 15 she was married with 2 children. After 5 years of marriage she ran away as she was unable to bear the atrocities of her husband. She was determined to work hard and support her children. Her employer described her as honest and hard working. Once her employer describes to her in front of my sales people as to why she needed 2 different types of soap. She got so agitated that she wanted to break her own head against the wall. She wanted to quite her immediately. however her employer managed to pacify her.

I still felt Staphysagria was her medicine. But as she was worse, I didnt know what to do. To tide over the acute crisis I gave her Belladonna 200 BD for 3 days on 11th March 96. There was no relief, On 18th March 96, I gave her 1 dose of Sulphur 1 M.

5th April 96 - Patient was pleading with me to give her an injection. Hoping against hope I gave her a dose of Staph 10 m.

I lost track of her 4 months. Then I happened to meet her on the road. She said her knee was gone and she was working at 4 different places.


  1. Industries.
  2. Anger with indignation.
  3. Honor wounded.
  4. AILMENTS FROM Mortification.
  5. Desires spicy food.
  6. Desire meat.
  7. Headache ameliorated by pressure.

( ISSUE EDITOR - After Staph, if there was rash, Sulph on 23rd Dec should have been avoided. She should have been put on SL because the rash disappeared with recurrence of knee pain. Sulphur probably caused Homoeopathic suppression).

CASE 2 :

This is a case of a 33 tear old female, complaining of urticaria since 2 years. She had intense itching all over the body which hampers her work. She also complained of burning in chest worse by sweets.

Craving - tea, spicy.
Menses - 3 days, moderate, 35-40 days.
Mind : she was very shy and soft spoken. She kept on smiling throughout the interview and so I could not get a clear picture.


I gave her Urtica-urens mother tincture, 5 drops thrice on 13th Jan 96.

On 30th Jan 96 - her urticaria had increased and her lips were swollen but her itching was better by ice. This time she was accompanied by her husband who gave me the following picture. he said that she gets scared to fight and trembles if there is a quarrel in the neighbourhood. She usually keeps quite and never relatives. If she hears of someones suffering she gets scared and nervous. She startles on least noise. Based on this I gave her Pulsatilla 30 BD for a week followed by placebo.

On 12th Feb 96 - intensity of rash was less. There was no burning in chest in spite of eating sweets. I gave her placebo and her to take Pulsatilla 30, 5 pills SOS. On 12th March 96 - she said she needs to take a dose of Pulsatilla 20, every 5-6 days. Since April she is without any medication and is fine.


  1. Tremulous fear.
  2. Sleeplessness from starting.
  3. Desire tea.
  4. Worse by sweets.