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Case Study

A Quick Prescription
Alfarooq A Raut.
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Two years ago, when I had just completed my internship, one hot summer day my father returned home from the village and collapsed on the bed without saying anything. He was 60 years old and known case of IHD controlled with allopathy.

On inquiring he replied that he had loose, watery stools and no strength even to sit or to talk. He was very anxious and started running fever with chills but no rigors. He felt he would live no more and showed me all the documents.

It was a clear picture of Arsenic-alb but I failed to understand the fever after diarrhoea.

Kents Repertorium Generale by Dr Kunzli was referred and it was found that it was found that there is only one remedy for - Fever, diarrhoea after, which is Arsenic-alb.

A few pills of Arsenic-alb 200 were given, after which he passed semisolid stools and started complaining of chest pain. When I hecked his BP it was 60 mm Hg. systolic. I repeated one more dose of Arsenic-alb and started one pint of DNS slowly. But after the 2nd dose his fever diarrhoea stopped and his chest pain went off and gradually his BP came round to 110/70.

The basis for prescribing Arsenic -alb:.

  1. Ill effects of fruits especially watery and decayed.
  2. Travelling.
  3. Great weakness with fear of death.
  4. The most striking symptoms was fever after diarrhoea.