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Case Study

Dr Girish Gupta

34 yr old male patient presented himself at Gaurang Clinic and Centre for Homoeopathy Research, Lucknow for painful, nodular and hard swelling in Lt sub-mandibular region with increase in pain and swelling after meals and sublingual discharge of pus since 1½ yrs.

Past History: Similar complaint in 2003, diagnosed as Lt sided Sub - mandibular lithiasis for which he was operated. Also operated for Sublingual salivary calculus in 2001. Neither Homoeopathy nor Allopathy helped to reduce the swelling.

Family History: Not contributory.

Clinical Diagnosis: Sub-mandibular Sialolithiasis.


  1. Fear of misfortune
  2. Desire for company
  3. Amelioration from consolation
  4. Sympathetic
  5. Offended easily
  6. Changeable mood
  7. Suspiciousness
  8. Remorse
  9. Easy irritability
  10. Anxiety about healthv
  11. Weeping tendency
  12. Concentration difficult
  13. Desire for sweets
  14. Desire for open air
  15. Tendency to take cold easily

After repertorization, a group of clse drugs emerged, from which Pulsatilla was selected.

23/12/2003: Pulsatilla 1M single dose was prescribed followed by Placebo for four weeks.

03/02/2004: Painful, nodular, hard swelling in Lt sub-mandibular region and sublingual pus discharge reduced. Only Placebo was repeated for four weeks.

23/03/2004: No further reduction. Pulsatilla 1M was repeated followed by Placebo for four weeks.

03/05/2004: No further reduction. Pulsatilla 10M single dose given followed by placebo for two weeks.

21/05/2004: Painful, nodular, hard swelling in Lt sub-mandibular region and sublingual pus discharge much reduced. Placebo was repeated for several weeks on different visits.

03/08/2004: Patient reported that he has passed a stone sublingually (Photograph of the stone attached. NJH EB seen it. It Is not reproduced here as there was no clarity on print image). No pain or swelling in Lt sub-mandibular region . Nominal sublingual pus discharge. Only Placebo for four weeks. He was advised to report for follow - up after 4 weeks. Complete ameioaration.

Acknowledgement: The author acknowledges the efforts of Dr Vijay Singh, Assistant Physician (Repertorisation) for repertorising the case.