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Case Study

'Naja' treats PUO
Dr Mirza Anwer Baig

Once upon a time fever was difficult to treat but easy to diagnose. Now it has become easy to treat but difficult to diagnose! PUO: The Pyrexia of Unknown Origin. is becoming progressively common.

The patient was 69 yrs old, a versatile person, and well versed in the literary, political and social circles. Earleir I treated him for his prostate problem.. This time, in early summer, during the session of parliament election 2004, he came for fever, developed due to exertion of travelling and addressing election's meetings at different places.

On Examination: He was looking tired; with flu like symptoms so I suggested 'Gelsemium' and rest. Next day he phoned: no relief. Tongue is getting paralyzed, as if he is losing power of speech! I asked him to continue the same and stop addressing meetings.

He said, "I cannot avoid that, I am duty bound, my friends are contesting. I can not leave them, give me some good medicine, so I can continue my work and deliver good speeches. While speaking I am getting a lot of problems, which never happened earlier in my life. I cannot explain,what I am suffering from. Try to understand me; what is happening now it is something unusual and serious, As if my tongue is not obeying my command, I am finding difficulty in moving my lips and articulating words. I don't want to take allopathic medicines, I am afraid my prostate problems may come back. So please do something best and send me good medicines urgently".

To me, flu-like symptoms, with relaxation of muscular system with weakness like paralysis of tongue were enough indication for Gelsemium, but what about his anxiety! I knew that by nature he is impetuous, very anxious with anxiety especially about his health; he wanted to take medicine for every complaint. I asked my secretary to send him few doses of 'Gelsemium' and 'Impatient', a Bach's flower remedy. After two days I received a message he was hospitalized and had requested me to visit him at the hospital? I did not take this very seriously, considering VIP patients usually are impatient and want medicine and attention for every thing and consult various doctors. So I decided to visit him at leisure. In fact I was treating him for his suspected CA Prostate which had improved under my treatment.

On Day 4 of admission in the hospital (Prince Aly Khan, admitted under Dr R R Pethani, dated 11th March 2004): He was quite comfortable except having fever with symptoms of asthma, diagnosed as PUO. All reports were normal, only WBC and Neutrophils were slightly raised. He was on higher antibiotics and Prednisolone. But because of Prednisolone, prostate symptoms started re-appearing so he was worried, and called me urgently. Although at this time the specific Prostate Antigen Test was within the normal range and his prostate had no significant abnormality, nor residual urine. Malaria Antigen Test was also negative.

Batteries of test were carried which were also not significant. He said, "I didn't want to come to the hospital, but fever was not responding to your medicines, nor to others. My son-in-law is a Doctor. He gave me glucose drip and finally brought me here. I was very down, my voice was almost gone, was feeling terrible weakness of my tongue, of my body, of my heart. I thought as if my end had come!" He looked at me then said, "Perhaps I was in shock, I also felt suffocation inside my chest". I questioned myself: What did he have? What was the symptomatology he underwent? Was that proving of GelsemiumGelsemium does not have symptoms like severe asthma, or was that Hay fever? Hay fever can come with severe asthma, or was it hidden malaria! In his past history he had cerebral malaria in 1994 after which he had many other problems, operated for hernia in 1995, had stroke in 2003 and then developed suspected Ca Prostate. Also suffered with Ischemic heart disease in between.

His file was very thick.10 yrs ago was treated for malaria, (Bombay Hospital, Dr K Ramamurthy). That time in his blood Trophozoites, Schizonts and Gametocytes of Plasmodium vivax were seen. Two yrs later had Ischemic Heart then got stroke. His MRI of Brain and Neck, dated 14.3.2003 (Breach Candy Hospital Trust) revealed no abnormality. But dated 12.8.2003 (Jaslok Hospital and Research centre) after batteries of tests and scans was diagnosed prostate malignancy. At this stage the Urologist (Dr A A Raval) advised him immediate surgery which scared him and that is how he came to homoeopathy somewhere at the end of 2003.

However, I suggested no medicine and left the hospital after boosting his morale. But to my surprise after getting discharged from the hospital he came to see me at my clinic on 19.3.04. He was pale and sad, as he entered. Earlier whenever he used to come he would always enter my cabin without waiting but surprisingly he did not use his influence and came in queue. He was having dryness sensation of the tongue, which looked smooth and glossy, taste was bad and he had no appetite. Pulse was 80, but irregular in force. Body was cold and heart sounds were muffled. After examining him I said, "Your spirits are down now, you really look sick". He growled at me like a cobra and said, "Dhyan doge to samajh aayega", (If you will pay attention, you would know what I am suffering from).

To me varnished tongue looked viraemic. Viral toxins in blood can cause such low-grade heat and toxicity where patient feels feverish, but thermometer does not show any rise in temperature. He told further, "I feel suffocation inside my throat, sometimes feel as if my tongue is getting paralyzed so I cannot talk. Heart looks as if sinking and I feel terrible weakness". May be because of medicine I told him and started looking into his file, he became cool.

Discharge card mentioned; DOA - 11.3.04, DOD 16.3.04. Referral Notes: Admitted with fever, cough with expectoration and weakness.

O/E: Chest: Rhonchi +, but all investigations done were normal. X-Ray Chest was Normal. Moderate prostate enlargement and prostate symptoms with Prednisolone. Response to treatment good, condition on discharge good.

For a while I referred Repertory (Kent) and prescribed a dose of Naja 200.

My criteria of prescription was

  1. Dhyan doge (If will give attention,....)
  2. Coming in queue!
    Interpretation: Delusion that he is being neglected, and sympathy towards other patients. And Naja has paralysis of tongue and heart as well.

Follow Up was remarkable: he felt well and resumed his routine, we kept him on Sac-lac for few months.

23.7.04: Naja 10M single dose was the second prescription for his anticipated anxiety about prostate although he was keeping well. After that he developed fistula-in-ano, for which no medicine was given. Discharges from the fistula eliminated all toxins (which were the cause of his anxiety) from within and finally healed automatically and healed him.

This is an example of healing through homoeopathy from within! Viral toxins can cause prostate cancer.