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Case Study

An Odourless Mercury.
Mukesh Tyagi.
` Merc.

Mr. D, 38 years of age, a Hindu male, married since Feb. 1984. Vegetarian. Smoker (10-12 cig. per-day - stopped since one month). Tea 4-5 cups-day. (Stopped since last three months).

On 22-6-93, Mr. D presented with eruptions, oozing thick clear, sticky, odourless fluid on back of hands, on face (forehead, under chin), pinna, nape and feet. Itching was intense, generally aggravated from undressing, at night and after bathing. The affected skin had become black; worse on exposure to sun.


In 1974 the patient had a history of clandestine sexual exposure. After few days he got pustules on scrotum with no other illness. He took Foristal orally and applied mustard oil as per some friends advice. Eruptions subsided in about a month. After two months he got vesicular eruption all over the body except on face, with general malaise, anguish and apathy. The eruptions were taken as Mata (Pox) and no treatment was taken. The eruptions subsided in about a months time and recurred after 45 days. The process continued for two years with an exacerbation at change of weather. Ultimately he went to a skin specialist, who diagnosed it as Lichen Planus and cortisone preparations were prescribed orally and locally. It failed to cure him. He took Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic treatment with no relief.

In 1988 the eruptions extended to face also. The skin specialist diagnosed it as Photodermatitis and again corticosteroids were given without satisfactory - positive results.


After 18 years of suffering the patient was in a state of despair. He gave up his departmental competitions and promotions for he had no hope of recovery and was willing to die. He had been on leave for last 6 months. In these months he visited only doctors. He kept contact with external world only through his wife and newspaper. Mostly, he passed time in his room with all the lights off thinking, only of ending his life. He had aversion to all including his wife, yet he had desire for sympathy. He often wept by himself.

Prior to this, the patient never stayed away from home except under some compulsions of situation. This was not due to illness, he was rather homesick. He was haughty and had a tendency to lament about others. He used to give all his old books, clothes and also free tutions to poor students.

Sleep was disturbed for last three months, due to itching - burning discharge. He used to get dreams generally towards morning - mostly amorous and of water.


Appetite - Changeable. Thirst - Increased.
Perspiration - Profuse, more on scalp, upper lip and nose. Causes uneasiness and desires fan.
Thermal State - While perspiring desires fan. Fanning after a few moments causes chilliness and had to put off fan. Cooling - Cooler - Aggravates.
Bathing - Aggravates.
Heating - Aggravates.


Had typhoid long before the onset of the present illness. Mother was diabetic and hypertensive. Father had IHD, Elder brother had diabetes. The patient was lean, dark complexioned, smooth skin except the affected area of face, back of hands, fore arms and feet. Tongue moist, indented, clean.


  1. Home Sickness
  2. Haughty
  3. Despair
  4. Lamenting others
  5. Desire to die
  6. Aggravated bathing
  7. Aggravated change of weather
  8. Thermal state
  9. Perspiration agg
  10. Thirsty.

The medicine selected was Merc-sol and the potency selected was 1M based on the correspondence.


Date; Indications, Action
22-6-93; As above., Merc-sol 1M / 1P.
25-6-93; Greenish crust, if oil not applied - Serosanguinous discharge. Sleep - Status quo (SQ), SL / tds x 7.2-7-793; Eruptions on face and hands drying. No Agg after bathing. Sleep - Better. App increased. Goes out for marketing., SL / tds x 15.
6-8-93; Aggravation. Blisters fore-arms, hands, both pinna and forehead with oozing. Sleep a bit disturbed., SL / tds x 15.
20-8-93; Ears - SQ. Hands and face better. Perspiration profuse on face mainly forehead. Tenesmus for two days with, 3-4 loose stools. Now constipation with appetite decreased since 1 wk., SL 200 / 1P, SL / tds x 15.
4-9-93; Skin - Texture N. Dry papular eruption. No itching., SL / tds x 15.
16-9-93; Coryza amel. warm bath. Skin - SQ., Rhus-tox 30 / tds x 2.
18-9-93; - SQ, Rhus-t 1M / 1P, SL / tds x 15.
9-10-93; Nose - o, Skin - SQ, Anxiety health (No reason). Thirst - Increased. App - Diminished. Gen - Tiredness., SL /tds x 15.
23-10-93; No further change in skin. Coryza with itching and (smarting) in eyes. Margins of lids red. Lachrymation., Caps 30 / tds x 3, SL / tds x 15.
6-11-93; Skin - SQ. Coryza - O, Merc Sol / 1M / 1P, SL / tds x 15.
8-1-94; Face clear. Back of hands a few dry papules. Skin gaining normal tone and color., SL 30 / tds x 30.
12-2-94; Perspiration scalp, face upper lip. Tongue - Stomatitis - sensitive., Mercsol-10M / 1P, SL 30 / tds X 30.
5-4-94; Aphthous ulcer, Hard stool followed by loose motion., Sulphuric-acid, 30 / tds x 3.
4-5-94; Skin ameliorated. Toothache. Tooth carious at root (X-Ray)., Thuja O / 3 BD x 7.
17-5-94; Trouble free, SL 30 / tds x 15.

After Thuja the patient is free from all troubles (till date). He is leading a normal life in all spheres.