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Case Study

Menopausal Menorrhagia
Desai C C.
` Aur / Sil.

Introduction: Menopausal menorrhagia is the most common complaint we encounter in India. Generally polycrest remedies like Sulphur, Calc-carb, Lachesis, etc. are indicated from their general features and the response is satisfactory.

I am describing two cases where the remedies were common polycrests but they were spotted in an unusual way.


A woman Mrs. A B C aged 44 years, complained of early and profuse menstrual bleeding for the last six years. She was advised removal of the uterus as the only viable treatment.

Her bleeding was bright red with dark clots. She also suffered from pain in both the heels due to calcaneum spurs and excessive micturition day and night.

China followed by Ustilago, Calc-carb, Mitchella etc. did not evoke much response. Thereafter when she further revealed her details, two important symptoms came to light -

  1. She had a habit of moaning during sleep (KR 67).
  2. She used to see floating spots before her eyes, (KR 272).

Aurum covers both the rubrics and it is the only three marks drug in the first rubric. She responded very well to Aurum-met 1M and the bleeding normalized from the next menstrual cycle.


An obese woman Mrs. XYZ aged 45 years, residing at Bandra sea side was suffering from Metrorrhagia for the last seven years. Calc-carb, Thyroidinum, Sabina etc. gave poor response.

One day she narrated to me a peculiar observation; her bleeding was always aggravated when there was high tide in sea. Is that not most peculiar? There is no such rubric in any repertory but as tides are related to Moon, she was given Silicea 1M. Her response was instantaneous. Her next menstrual cycle was normal and thereafter she never had aggravation at high tide.

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