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Case Study

Irritating Cough.
Neera R K.
` Croc.

Mr. N, aged 24 years, complains of irritating cough with choking which keeps him awake at night. He can go to sleep was only after 2:30 a.m.

Personal history:

Desires - Fish and chicken, generally eats fats; always likes cold water.
Sleep - Sleeps on side, disturbed sleep, gets up 2 to 3 times at night and takes time to go to sleep again; hence is unrefreshed in the morning.
Season - Prefers cold season
Perspiration - More on face and back, it doesnt stain nor has any smell.


  1. Anxious person: always reaches before appointed time.
  2. Anxiety about future; says he is ambitious (he is doing CA and has failed 2-3 times with the result, he and his younger brother are appearing together for the same exam.)
  3. Feels a He has let down his parents, b In the hour of need he had helped his friends but now since they are married they do not care about him.
  4. Gets angry very quickly and cools down also very quickly, then repents and apologizes. Once in anger when he wanted to go out, his mother did not allow by standing against the door, so he jumped from 1st floor balcony and fractured his leg.

Mother says that daily in the evening he has one or two pegs of alcohol outside.

During the interview the patient appeared childish.

Rubrics used:

  1. SI 140 - Childish - cic, carc, ign, argn, bar, carb.
  2. SI 831 - Remorse, quickly repents - croc, olnd, sulph.
  3. SI 20 - Anger, alternates with cheerfulness - croc, ign
  4. SI 36 - Anger, reproaches from - croc, ign.
  5. SI 820 - Rage, repentance followed by - croc, lyss, arg-nit, ign
  6. Desires cold water
  7. Noises in the ear with hardness of hearing.
  8. Face - Red alternating with paleness.


11-5-95 - Crocus-sativum 200, 4 pills three times, for one day followed by sac lac for 7 days.

That the patients cough was better in two days mother reported. Mother was requested to send the patient again for follow up as I wanted to treat his anger in general but the patient did not return for any other ailments.

After attending Jeremy Sherrs Seminar in December 95, I was tempted to find the sensation and verb in this history.

I felt the sensation in the patient was :- he had let down his parents which causes irritability hence any change or little contradiction excites him - so he gets angry; when reproached feels he has been let down and then repents.

Verb - Must behave obediently. Hence behaves childishly which is not acceptable in society so causes irritability. Hence we see that in the mind of Crocus-sativum, it affects the nerves and mind producing rapidly changing or alternating mental disposition, causing the ups and downs at climacteric period which signify changing time.