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Case Study

Hyperaesthesia In Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Mishra S C.
` Hep.

In the very beginning of discussing Hepar-sulph, Dr. Nash says - "Hypersensitive to touch, pain, cold air, fainting with the pain. Its strongest characteristic is its hypersensitiveness to touch, pain and cold air. The patient is so sensitive to pain that she faints always even when it is slight".

Dr. E.A. Farington in his clinical MM Pg 682 says "Hepar is indicated in neuralgia, particularly of the right side of the face".

In Kents Repertory this medicine has been given due emphasis for its hypersensitiveness in the physical plane rather than in mental plane - vide the following chapters and particular rubrics as mentioned - Skin, sensitiveness (KR 1331) - HEP and Generalities, sensitiveness to pain (KR 1399) - HEP.

Whereas in mind chapter it has been indicated in plain type for sensitiveness, oversensitiveness (KR 70). Boenninghausen in his M M and repertory, has shown this as 2nd grade remedy for mental sensitivity. Though we read about its furious anger in materia medica, in practice we hardly get such a Hepar patient, who is so angry that she does not hesitate to throw her child into the fire.

I hold this remedy to be most memorable in physical suffering e.g. wound suppuration, teeth pain and neuralgic pain. Its action is so pronounced in nerve endings that the patient can hardly put up with slightest draft of air or cold metal touch which brings on her sufferings, cold and cough. Its craving for sour foods again reflects prominently to the body by sour smelling sweat.

This physical hypersensitivity of Hepar-sulphuris I could visualize only after I had received a case of Trigeminal Neuralgia of a Woman whom I successfully treated with this medicine only on the basis of her prominent physical hyperaesthesia.


Mrs. S.G. aged 50, dark complexioned, a lean and thin Bengali, residing at Kanpur and having one daughter, came to me, reluctantly for the treatment of pain in right maxillary spot from which she was suffering for 8 years. Pain is bursting and burning in nature. She was under treatment of an eminent Homoeopath of Calcutta. Since her Doctor had been to America on tour for some weeks, her daughter forced her to come to me as a stop-gap arrangement treatment.

One of her right molar teeth of lower jaw had recently been removed by a dentist of Kanpur to eradicate her pain but no avail. She had spotty pain on the right maxillary region besides the nose. The pressure of the brim of her spectacle even was unbearable. But she could not identify definitely if the pain was in her skin, bone or maxillary sinus. She could not eat well due to pain in teeth, when chewing and gradually she became reduced to a skeleton. She was a chilly patient, affectionate and of mild temperament (contradictory to Hepar mentality). Fond of tea (not much hot) sour and bitter. Every winter she gets blisters on her toes. She became hopeless of recovery from this nagging pain. She could not even take a bath, as pouring water on the head brought about the pain in cheek. Washing face in morning was unbearable for her. Sometimes felt an ant-biting sensation in whole of the right side of her face. She was sad, could not laugh loudly lest it caused pain in her cheek. Sleep was very light. She could neither eat, sleep, talk nor laugh and move energetically. How miserable was she! Slow in answering, weak and delicate. Her whole face seemed to have been varnished with a patch of black paint. This was since her gradually increasing pain day by day.

I had then recently returned from Dr. Rajan Sankarans seminar (Bombay) of "New horizons of Homoeopathy" and started thinking in Rajans style to decide if this patient is of plant (sensitive) mineral (structure) or Animal (competitive and attracting) kingdom. She sat before me withdrawn and frustrated, unmanifestive and indecisive. Her life situation revealed nothing. She had a perfect peaceful domestic life with her husband who is very affectionate towards her and peacefully enjoying his retired life with no bothering liabilities. The only clue of her Physical Hyperaesthesia was staring at me which led me to think of Hepar-sulph only.

I prescribed her 4 doses of Hepar-sulph: 200 on 2-3-95 to be taken daily at 10 a.m. and asked to report me after a week. I requested her not to take any other medicine. After a week she returned with a somewhat pleasant mood but yet doubtful whether this relief would last.

I gave her some SL and asked to report to me again after a week; on 28-3-95 she reported much improvement in her neuralgia of cheek. Her face became somewhat clear of blackish patches.

She left for Kanpur and after some days she reported over phone of the reappearance of burning pain on 7-4-95. I sent her Hep 1M 4 powders to be taken daily one at 10 a.m. as per earlier instructions.

On 20-5-95 her husband reported over phone that the patient was perfectly normal and has been eating talking and sleeping well. Her face is clearer and brighter with joy of recovery as she has regained the lost paradise.